Mon May 2023

American Century Investments

American Century Investments is a privately held global investment management company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. It was founded in 1958 by James Stowers Jr. with the aim of helping investors achieve their financial goals by providing innovative investment solutions and excellent customer service.

Over the years, American Century Investments has grown into a leading investment management company with assets under management of over $200 billion. The company offers a broad range of investment products and services, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), separately managed accounts, and retirement plans.

One of the key strengths of American Century Investments is its focus on innovation. The company has a history of developing innovative investment solutions that meet the changing needs of investors. For example, it was one of the first investment management companies to introduce index funds and has continued to innovate in the areas of socially responsible investing and alternative investments.

American Century Investments is also known for its commitment to research. The company has a team of over 100 research professionals who conduct extensive analysis of companies and markets to identify investment opportunities. This research is used to inform the company's investment decisions and to develop new investment products and strategies.

The company's investment philosophy is based on a long-term, value-oriented approach to investing. American Century Investments believes that this approach can generate superior returns over the long term by focusing on companies with strong fundamentals and sustainable competitive advantages. The company's investment process involves in-depth analysis of companies' financial statements, management teams, and competitive positioning.

Another important aspect of American Century Investments is its focus on responsible investing. The company is committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its investment process and has developed a number of ESG-focused investment products. The company also engages with companies on ESG issues and advocates for positive change.

In addition to its investment management services, American Century Investments offers a range of educational resources for investors. These include articles, videos, and webinars on topics such as retirement planning, investing basics, and market trends. The company also offers a retirement planning tool that helps investors determine how much they need to save for retirement and how to invest their savings.

American Century Investments is a privately held company, which means that it is not required to disclose its financial information to the public. However, the company has a reputation for financial stability and has consistently received high ratings from independent rating agencies.

Overall, American Century Investments is a leading investment management company with a strong focus on innovation, research, and responsible investing. Its long-term, value-oriented approach to investing has helped it generate superior returns for its clients over the years, and its commitment to ESG issues and investor education sets it apart from many of its peers in the industry.

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