Can I pay a Verizon bill for a friend?

Can I pay a Verizon bill for a friend?

Anyone can make a payment to any account. Call in and contact a rep and state that you wish to have to pay on a bill that is not yours and give them a phone quantity this is on your friend’s account.

How long does Verizon come up with to pay your bill?

Typically, an account with in the past good cost historical past gets around 60 days. However, there are many factors. Sometimes it’s sooner than that 60 day length. Rare however from time to time it’s more lenient than that.

Can I pay any person’s mobile phone bill with out them knowing?

Anyone can make a cost to any account. Call in and phone a rep and state that you want to pay on a bill that’s not yours and give them a phone number this is to your friend’s account. Correct Answer!

How do I pay my Verizon Wireless bill?

Call #PMT from your cell phone or (800) 922-0204 from some other phone. Follow the prompts to make your cost.

What can I bill to my Verizon account?

Bill to account is a fee possibility that allows certified Verizon Wireless consumers to bill apparatus, services and products or third birthday celebration content material for your account as a substitute of using some other way of fee, reminiscent of a debit card, credit card or present card. View transactions eligible for billing in your account.

How much do you receives a commission at Verizon?

Verizon Wireless will pay its staff a mean of $70,800 a yr. Salaries at Verizon Wireless range from an average of $39,710 to $121,745 a yr.

Can I use a Verizon pay as you go card to pay my bill?

A Verizon Wireless present card is a payment card that can be used to purchase a new telephone, purchase an adjunct and even pay a Verizon Wireless bill. You can use it towards any acquire you are making on our website online or at any Verizon Wireless retailer.

How does Verizon billing paintings?

There is not any loose month because your carrier does no longer end the after 24 months. If you’re on a post-paid account you pay a month in advance and also you get the products and services you paid for. If you cross over your selected data prohibit you’ll receive overage charges to your subsequent bill. You pay then get your provider.

How long sooner than Verizon disconnects your telephone?

Usually it is 60 days sooner than shut-off, but as others have mentioned, try to paintings something out with Verizon. They are versatile.

Can you employ PayPal for Verizon?

You can not pay your Verizon bill with PayPal, but PayPal does permit some rebate cards to be entered into a PayPal account.

What happens if I can’t pay my Verizon bill?

If you don’t pay your cell phone contract, your account will go into arrears. If you don’t take steps to take care of the debt, your account will default and the contract might be cancelled. The cellular provider can then take action to recover the exceptional bill, following the normal debt collection process.