Can you put MiraLAX in formula?

Can you put MiraLAX in formula?

I recommend Miralax® or a generic version, the same drugs that an adult would use. Once or two times an afternoon, you can dissolve a teaspoon or two in an oz. or so of water or the newborn’s milk, and provides it to the baby in a bottle, syringe or spoon.

What can you combine MiraLAX with for toddlers?

Your child weighs about:

Children beneath Five years outdated Give ½ capful blended into ½ to at least one cup of water or juice
Children 5 to twelve years old Give ¾ capful combined in 1 cup of water or juice
Children 12 years old and older Give 1 capful, combined in 1 cup of water or juice

Can I put MiraLAX in a smoothie?

By the best way, if you have occasional constipation and wish to take MiraLAX ® 2 , you can add it to any beverage, including a juice or smoothie. Why MiraLAX ®? MiraLAX ® works naturally with the water in your frame to hydrate and melt your stool, unblocking your system.

What is easiest to combine MiraLAX with?

MiraLAX is nearly flavorless and non-gritty, so it’s nice to take it with undeniable water. You can also check out tea, coffee, or juice. Don’t mix MiraLAX into alcoholic beverages. Also, mixing it into carbonated drinks (like soda) might cause them to bubble over when you stir the mixture.

What can you mix MiraLAX with for colonoscopy?

Mix 64 ounces of liquid with 8.Three oz Miralax and position in the refrigerator (do not upload ice). Between Five and six pm, drink one 8-ounce glass of the Miralax/Gatorade answer and proceed ingesting one 8 ounce glass each and every 15 minutes thereafter until part the mixture (32 ounces) is gone.

How do you do the colon cleanse with MiraLAX and Gatorade?


  1. At 12 noon, take 4 Dulcolax pills. Mix 64 oz.. liquid with 8.Three oz.
  2. At 6 pm, drink one 8 ounces. glass of the Miralax/Gatorade answer and continue ingesting one 8 oz. glass every15 minutes thereafter until the combination is gone.
  3. Three hours sooner than, prevent drinking all transparent liquids.