Does Nina Dobrev have a sister?

Does Nina Dobrev have a sister?

Nina Dobrev was born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva on January 9, 1989, in Sofia, Bulgaria, to computer-specialist father Konstantin Dobrev and an artist mother Michaela Dobreva. She has an older brother named Alexander Dobrev.

Who played Elena Gilbert in Season 8?

Nina Dobrev

Who are Nina Dobrev’s parents?

Michaela Constantine

What’s Nina Dobrev’s real name?

Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva

Who is Paul Wesley Dating?

Ines de Ramon

What did Nina Dobrev say about Paul?

Nina Dobrev said she respected Paul Wesley, but she did not like him. Talking about her and Paul Wesley’s chemistry on The Vampire Diaries, she said that everyone would walk up to her after the show aired and asked her if she and Paul Wesley are dating in real life too.

Is Paul Wesley still married?

Wesley married de Ramon in 2019 after divorcing his Killer Movie costar Torrey DeVitto in 2013. He also dated his former Vampire Diaries castmate Phoebe Tonkin on and off from 2013 to 2017.

Why did Nina hate Paul Wesley?

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Paul said he and Nina basically started out as nemeses and agreed with what Nina said about how they “despised” each other for a long time. He explained, “When we first started shooting The Vampire Diaries, we totally clashed. We didn’t [get along]. Creatively, it just wasn’t in sync.”

Did Harry Styles have a crush on Nina Dobrev?

Harry Styles has revealed that his latest celebrity crush is none other than the CW series’ sexy star, Nina Dobrev. The actress, newly single following her split with co-star Ian Somerhalder, is 24 years old, which would keep 19-year-old Harry’s streak of older lady loves alive and well!

Did Zac Efron have a crush on Nina Dobrev?

Although the two are close pals, they’re actually not dating. Zac has been pretty quiet about his current relationship status, Nina has been linked to Grant Mellon and the two of them were spotted together a couple of weeks ago at another basketball game.

Did Ross Lynch have a crush on Nina Dobrev?

His celebrity crush is Nina Dobrev. Ross said he’s the messiest of all his siblings.

Did Chris Wood have a crush on Nina Dobrev?

9. Chris Wood. In December 2014, she was rumored to be dating her TVD costar after posting a handful of cuddly photos of them together on social media. However, whatever spark they had fizzled out when she left the series at the end of season six..

Who is Nina Dobrev dating now 2020?

Nina Dobrev is sending her boyfriend Shaun White some love on his birthday. Dobrev, 31, posted a light-hearted tribute to her “least favorite person” on his 34th birthday Thursday on Instagram, joking about the professional snowboarder’s lack of talent.

Who is Paul Wesley married to?

Ines de Ramonm. 2019

Did Ian Somerhalder and Malese Jow date?

Malese Jow Though the relationship was never confirmed, Ian and Malese sparked dating rumors in 2013 when they were spotted getting cozy at an event called BloodyCon. It was rumored that this budding relationship was the reason for Ian’s split from Nina.

When did Ian and Nina break up?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up after the 6th season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Nina later spoke about her former boyfriend’s marriage in an interview.

Who all did Ian Somerhalder Date?

Ian Somerhalder has been in relationships with Nina Dobrev (2010 – 2013), Megan Auld (2007 – 2010), Maggie Grace (2006 – 2007), Nicky Rothschild (2004) and Kate Bosworth (2002).

How old is Nikki Reed’s baby?

On top of the store opening, Reed is busy as a mom to her 16-month-old daughter Bodhi Soleil, whom she shares with her husband and former Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder. At one point during her conversation with PEOPLE, she jokingly admits, “I have a 1-year-old — putting together a sentence is challenging.”

Is Ian Somerhalder daughter?

Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder

Did Ian and Nikki have a baby?

How Nikki and Ian’s Baby Name Is Connected to 1 of Her Twilight Movies. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on July 25 and named their little one Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder..

Does Ian Somerhalder have tattoos?

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) wears his heart — and his tattoo — on his sleeve. Okay, not exactly on his sleeve, but on his forearm! Ian’s ink reads( hic et nunc ), a Latin phrase that means “here and now.” While Ian hasn’t divulged why he got the tattoo, we think it’s pretty apropos.

Does Stefan Salvatore have a tattoo?

This is easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention but Stefan Salvatore actually does have a tattoo. He has a large rose tattoo on his shoulder.

Is Elena really in love with Damon?

Damon doubted her feelings for him when it was discovered she was sired to him, therefore had to please him. After Elena lost her humanity, she taunted Damon, threatening to go back to Stefan since the sire bond was gone. However, after she regained her emotions, she confessed her love for Damon, choosing him.

What kind of car does Nina Dobrev drive?

Audi S4 Cabriolet

What is Nina Dobrev’s net worth?

Nina Dobrev Net Worth and salary: Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress, model and singer who has a net worth of $
11 million.