Does unremarkable mean bad?

Does unremarkable mean bad?

Unremarkable meaning describes the file as customary, which means that that there’s not anything to report.

What is the meaning of unremarkable find out about of the chest?

This page supplies an archive for various chest X-rays that had been all learn as “unremarkable” (i.e. standard). This page will function a reference level for watching remarkable/bizarre findings in patients who’ve pathology that may be favored on a chest X-ray.

What is a synonym for unremarkable?

Synonyms for unremarkable. moderate, not unusual, commonplace, cut-and-dried.

Is Unremarkable excellent or bad in scientific terms?

Unremarkable: Just what you suppose it means. Boring! Normal. Negative: Usually regarding a medical test. Generally means that the take a look at did not to find anything atypical.

What does grossly unremarkable?

Grossly unremarkable implies that on gross exam(common define examination) there is not anything discovered atypical.In other phrases there is not anything peculiar discovered that may be remarked(said).

What does unremarkable mean on chest scan?

Re: what does unremarkable mean in CT Chest w/distinction effects? It simply implies that there used to be nothing extraordinary or out of the atypical with your chest wall. In other words, they discovered no problems together with your CT scan.

What does grossly maintained mean in clinical terms? the wiki response used to be a tautology and useless. Grossly maintained signifies that upon preliminary inspection it used to be maintained the usage of part of the phrase in defining the phrase is not applicable.

What is the definition of the word unremarkable?

Definition of unremarkable. : unworthy or not going to be noticed : not outstanding : not unusual, odd The village itself is unremarkable; its one great attribute being the within sight community of intensive caverns.— Mark Blacksell.