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Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments is a privately held financial planning and investment management firm that was founded in 1979 by Ken Fisher. The company is based in Camas, Washington and manages assets for individuals, institutional clients, and endowments. Fisher Investments has grown rapidly over the years and currently has over 3,500 employees worldwide.

Investment Philosophy

Fisher Investments' investment philosophy is based on the idea that markets are efficient and that there are no free lunches in investing. They believe that market prices reflect all publicly available information, and that it is difficult for investors to consistently beat the market. Instead of trying to pick individual stocks, Fisher Investments takes a top-down approach to investing, focusing on macroeconomic trends and asset allocation.

One key aspect of Fisher Investments' approach is their belief in the importance of a global perspective. The firm has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and they actively monitor and analyze economic and political trends in countries around the world. This allows them to identify investment opportunities that may be overlooked by investors who only focus on their home market.

Services Offered

Fisher Investments offers a range of services to help clients manage their investments. These include:

  1. Portfolio Management - Fisher Investments offers customized portfolio management services to individuals, institutions, and endowments. The firm's investment professionals work closely with clients to develop an investment strategy that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

  2. Retirement Planning - Fisher Investments offers retirement planning services to help clients prepare for retirement. The firm's retirement specialists can help clients develop a comprehensive retirement plan that takes into account their current financial situation, retirement goals, and risk tolerance.

  3. Wealth Planning - Fisher Investments offers wealth planning services to help clients manage their assets and plan for the future. The firm's wealth planning specialists can help clients with a range of issues, including estate planning, tax planning, and charitable giving.

  4. Investor Education - Fisher Investments offers a variety of resources to help investors educate themselves about investing. These resources include articles, videos, and webinars on a range of topics, including market trends, investment strategies, and retirement planning.


Fisher Investments has a strong track record of performance. According to the firm's website, their investment strategies have consistently outperformed their benchmarks over the long term. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, and investors should always carefully consider the risks and potential rewards of any investment before making a decision.


Like any investment firm, Fisher Investments has faced criticism from some quarters. One area of criticism is their fee structure, which some investors may find to be on the high side. Another issue that has been raised is the firm's advertising practices. In 2019, Fisher Investments came under fire for running a series of ads that some critics felt were sexist and ageist.


Fisher Investments is a well-respected investment management firm with a strong track record of performance. Their investment philosophy is based on a belief in the efficiency of markets and the importance of a global perspective. While the firm has faced criticism over issues like fees and advertising, they continue to be a popular choice for investors looking for a customized investment approach. As with any investment, it's important for investors to carefully consider their goals and risk tolerance before deciding to work with any investment manager.

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