How close is Busch Gardens to Disney World?

How close is Busch Gardens to Disney World?

58 miles
The distance between Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Walt Disney World is 58 miles.

How far is it from Busch Gardens to Orlando?

73 miles
How far is it from Orlando to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay? The distance between Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is 73 miles.

How far is Busch Gardens to Magic Kingdom?

The distance between Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Magic Kingdom is 58 miles.

Where are all the Busch Gardens located?

Busch Gardens

Location Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S. (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) Tampa, Florida, U.S. (Busch Gardens Tampa)
Operating season March – December (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) Year-round (Busch Gardens Tampa)
Website Official website

Which is better animal kingdom or Busch Gardens?

We like Busch Gardens better than Animal Kingdom. The crowds were less and the grounds were beautiful and the shows were a lot better. Our family has been to both parks numerous times. Busch Gardens is more active, as they have turned their attention in the last few years to focus on adding more thrill rides.

Is there a shuttle from Disneyworld to SeaWorld?

From the Disney Resort, it costs $16 per person to take the Mears shuttle to SeaWorld, as of publication. The only other shuttle service option from the Disney World resort to SeaWorld is through the airport shuttle, SuperShuttle.

Is Busch Gardens cheaper than Disney?

Other than that similarity, Busch Gardens is definitely cheaper. They also have a preschool pass for kids five and under that gets kids into Busch Gardens and Sea World. However, Disney World has four different parks with four amazing experiences so you pay more but get more (and with Disney- you get a lot of awesome).

Is SeaWorld cheaper than Disney?

A SeaWorld Orlando annual pass without any blackout dates costs less than a fifth of Disney World’s comparable pass, and even an annual pass that includes all but one of SeaWorld’s dozen parks nationwide costs less than a third of Disney World’s premium offering.

Is Busch Gardens good for animals?

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, December 12, 2018 — American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization and the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare and well-being, announced that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has earned the Humane Certified™ seal through the American Humane Conservation program, demonstrating the …

How far is Busch Gardens from Daytona Beach?

118 miles
The distance between Daytona Beach and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is 118 miles.