How did Aisha die in Saints Row 2?

How did Aisha die in Saints Row 2?

Playa enters the simulation and after defeating Warren discovers that she has been taken to her house by way of The Ronin. When arriving at her space, Aisha’s head is once more bring to a halt by Jyunichi. Playa will get Kinzie Kensington to reset everything and prevent Aisha from being decapitated and defeat Jyunichi.

How do you get zombie Carlos in Saints Row 2?


After the dying of Carlos, calling “Eye for an Eye Voodoo Supplies” unlocks Zombie Carlos, and adds him to the to be had Homies in Cellphone.

Who is the boss in Saints Row?

“The Boss” is the participant’s character in the Saints Row franchise. Originally a mostly silent protagonist, this persona has no identify or backstory. The Boss has additionally been referred to as “playa” to stay his id difficult to understand, and as a nod to the truth that he is the participant character.

How many DLCS does Saints Row 4 have?

25 DLC Packs

What race is Johnny Gat?

Johnny Gat (ジョニーキャット) is the main protagonist of Saints Row 2….Johnny Gat (Saints Row 2)

Johnny Gat
Species Human
Residence Saints Hideout
Origin Japan
Gang Ronin (Formerly) Third Street Saints

Where is the previous church in Saints Row 2?

It’s in the ‘Ultor’ region that was Saint’s Row. It’s still known as Saint’s Row to your map. The ‘Church’ venture is for Ultor & it unlocks after you do the Saint’s Stronghold mission in the commercial house.

How many secret missions are in Saints Row 2?

one secret venture

How many missions does Saints Row 2 have?

Excluding DLC content material there are forty-two missions and fourteen strongholds.

How long is the Saints Row 2 campaign?

All Styles

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 237 20h 08m
Main + Extras 269 30h 09m
Completionists 47 51h 54m
All PlayStyles 553 27h 42m

How many missions does Saints Row 3 have?

47 missions

What can you do Saints Row 3?

My 10 Favorite Things to Do in Saints Row: The Third

  • Jumping Into Vehicles.
  • Hanging with Zimos.
  • Attacking People with the Penetrator.
  • Using the Mollusk Launcher.
  • Hitting People in the Groin.
  • Literally Tossing People Around.
  • People Bowling.
  • Pulling Off Wrestling Moves.

Is Saints Row Four and re-elected the same?

High Voltage Software ported the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with all of its downloadable content material as Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. It was once introduced in past due August 2014 alongside Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a standalone Saints Row IV enlargement developed by way of Volition in conjunction with High Voltage.