How did Hector Perez Jr die?

How did Hector Perez Jr die?

In 1987, his seventeen-year-old son Héctor Jr. was once accidentally shot and killed via a pal. In the similar period, his condo in Rego Park, Queens, was destroyed in a fire. One 12 months later, Héctor was scheduled to perform on the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum in Bayamón, Puerto Rico at the night time of Saturday 25 June 1988.

How old is Hector Lavoe?

46 years (1946–1993)
Héctor Lavoe/Age at loss of life

Is Hector Lavoe alive?

Deceased (1946–1993)
Héctor Lavoe/Living or Deceased

What was Hector Lavoe recognized for?

Lavoe is thought of as to be most likely the most efficient and most necessary singer and interpreter in the history of salsa track, as a result of he helped to establish the popularity of this musical style in the many years of Nineteen Sixties, 1970s and Eighties.

Who is the most efficient salsa singer of all time?

Soneros: The Best Salsa Singers

  • Celia Cruz.
  • Oscar D’Leon.
  • Cheo Feliciano.
  • Ruben Blades.
  • Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez.
  • Benny More.
  • Tito Rodriguez. Tito Rodriguez had a fantastic voice for Bolero.
  • Adalberto Santiago. This Puerto Rican singer owes a lot of his private good fortune to the time he spent with the mythical Ray Barreto.

How tall is Hector Lavoe?

6-foot tall
Héctor Lavoe is a 6-foot tall bronze statue to the reminiscence of salsa singer Héctor Lavoe who reached his skilled top during the Seventies….Héctor Lavoe (statue)

Statue of Héctor Lavoe
Weight 1 ton
Condition Pristine
Location La Guancha Barrio Playa, Ponce
17°57′55.1514″N 66°36′52.2″WCoordinates: 17°57′55.1514″N 66°36′52.2″W

What Killed Hector Lavoe?

June 29, 1993
Héctor Lavoe/Date of loss of life

How previous is Willie Colon now?

71 years (April 28, 1950)
Willie Colón/Age

How much did Willie Colon make within the NFL?

Willie Colon signed a 1 yr, $950,000 contract with the New York Jets, including a $65,000 signing bonus, $65,000 guaranteed, and a mean annual wage of $950,000….Current Contract.

Contract: 1 12 months(s) / $950,000
Average Salary $950,000
Total Guarantees $65,000
Guaranteed at Signing $65,000
Free Agent: 2016 / UFA

Did Willie Colon have an accident?

Salsa music legend Willie Colón remains to be recovering after a motor-home coincidence at the Outer Banks, the star has tweeted. Colón had head trauma with a concussion, lacerations to his scalp that required Sixteen staples, and fractures to his C1 cervical vertebra, in step with a observation posted to his social media pages.

Which nation has the most productive Spanish song?

During a 2019 survey, Seventy two % of responding opinion leaders and journalist from Latin America said that tune from Brazil used to be probably the most horny track in Latin America. Argentina and Mexico ranked second, both with 62 p.c….

Characteristic Share of respondents
Brazil 72%
Argentina 62%
Mexico 62%
Colombia 53%

Is Willie Colon a sheriff?

Colón won the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Latin Recording Academy in 2004. Colón has been inducted into the International Latin Music Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2019. Willie Colón is a former Deputy Sheriff for the Westchester County Department of Public Safety.

How much is Willie Colon internet worth?

How a lot is Willie Colón Worth? William Colón Net Worth: William Colón is a Nuyorican (New York-born Puerto Rican) salsa musician and social activist who has a net worth of $2 million.

How is Willie Colon after coincidence?