How do I get my KakaoTalk ID?

How do I get my KakaoTalk ID?

Click for your profile and choose “Edit profile”. Then you can make a choice “Create Kakao ID” by way of coming into a combination of 4-15 alphabetic letters and numbers. Please remember the fact that your ID will have to be unique or else the app is not going to accept it.

How do I reset my Kakao account?

How To Reset Kakao Talk Password?

  1. Step-1: Launch The Kakao Talk App And Tap “Forgot Your Email or Password”
  2. Step-2: Tap “Reset Password”
  3. Step-3: Enter Registered Email And Tap “Send Verification Code”
  4. Step-4: Check Email Inbox To Retrieve The Verification Code.
  5. Step-5: Enter Verification Code And Click Confirm.

Can I trade my KakaoTalk e mail?

You can replace the email cope with associated together with your account through logging in on the net (i.e. now not by the use of the app to your telephone). Go to “Your Spaces” and click the equipment wheel in the upper left-hand nook. Click “Edit Profile”. Click “Add an email address…” and upload the correct one.

Why is my Kakao account banned?

Use of Account and Service is also limited. If your activities violate the related laws and rules, terms and prerequisites, or operation insurance policies, the Company shall be capable of restrict your Kakao Account and your use of Services to offer protection to different customers.

Can you are making Kakao with out telephone quantity?

You don’t need a Korean cell phone quantity to make use of KakaoTalk – however many functions like # and shopping / gifting won’t work with no Korean telephone number. You can not ever exchange the email address this is related along with your KakaoTalk account.

How do you delete Kakao knowledge?

If it’s on Android, then go into your telephone’s device folders and in finding kakaotalk folder. Delete the folders known as cache and temp. Edit: the path is ‘My recordsdata’ – inner storage – Android – knowledge – com. kakao.

How do you sign off of Kakao?

Go to ‘Mobile Kakao Talk – More – Settings – PC Version’ to log off remotely.

How can I percentage my KakaoTalk ID?

To add the KakaoTalk percentage button on your website online, login for your present AddThis account or enroll. Once logged in, head over to the percentage button configurator to set up your KakaoTalk share button. Note that sharing is best available on mobile gadgets.

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