How do u say the F word in Spanish?

How do u say the F word in Spanish?

f-word. [ˈefˌwɜːd ] to say the f-word (euphemistic) [of “fuck”] decir “joroba” You might also like.

What does POTA imply in Spanish?

pota. feminine noun. 1. (= calamar) cuttlefish. echar la(s) pota(s) (very informal) to puke (very informal) ⧫ throw up (informal)

What is Spanish for goodnight?

“Goodnight” in Spanish is simple: buenas noches. Buenas is the feminine type of the adjective bueno, because of this “just right”.

What does Cállate imply in texting?

shut up. More meanings for ¡Cállate! shut up!

What does Ciate mean in Spanish?

The verb callar is to be quiet. What they are announcing is “callate” or “callete” which can be imperative commands to be quiet. It’s the an identical of “shut up” in English.

What is que paso mean?

“Que paso” approach “that I pass.”

What is Fish Spanish?

pez (peces) is fish, in common. pez (peces) is fish, in general.

What does Cayate imply in Spanish?

The verb callar is to be quiet. What they’re announcing is “callate” or “callete” which are crucial commands to be quiet. It’s the similar of “shut up” in English. Cállate comes from the verb callarse.

What does lavoca mean in Spanish?

1. ( colloquial) (casual) (2nd particular person singular) a. Shut your mouth! (

What is callate La Boca?

The word is Callate (ll sounds like y in “sure”), and it means “close”. Boca is mouth. Thus, callate los angeles boca means “close (the) mouth” however the worrying of the verb is imperative, which means it is meant as a command. The closest English translation is “close up!” – it is regarded as impolite.

What are some elementary Spanish phrases?

cierra los angeles boca. verb. imperative: “Shut up!”

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What does mija mean in Spanish?

Mija is a colloquial word for “Mi hija”, my daughter. While it is used by folks to deal with their daughters, in Mexico this is a term of endearment from any person older, and no longer necessarily related, in opposition to a younger woman or girl. The similar happens for younger males or boys: mijo for mi hijo.

Can Google Translate videos?

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