How do you do level 14 on the impossible quiz 2?

How do you do level 14 on the impossible quiz 2?

Question 14 of The Impossible Quiz 2 accommodates no precise query or activity on display screen; as an alternative, it handiest contains a pink background with small empty areas, in addition to four little dots of different colors. There is no bomb on screen, and there’s nothing in this query that could make you lose a lifestyles.

How do you do query 15 on the impossible quiz?

To resolve this question, you want to sort “horse” in the in-game keyboard, since a horse makes the sounds discussed through the message, not to mention there’s the horse’s silhouette right there. If you complete the question, the letters will flip inexperienced. Pressing any unsuitable letter makes you lose a life.

What is the resolution to number 15 on the impossible quiz 2?

The right kind one on this case is “A backwards canine”, since “dog” written or spelled backwards is “god”, making it objectively true, regardless of personal beliefs.

What is the solution to 17 on impossible quiz?

Question 17 from the Impossible Quiz is a simple math query that accommodates the following subtraction: “24 – 7 =?”. The possible choices are “18”, “2”, “16.931”, and “walrus”. Although 16.931 is usually a good answer, because it rounds itself to 17, it isn’t the right kind answer. The rest of the solutions aren’t proper as neatly.

What is the solution to The Impossible Quiz number 16?

Though “G” occurs to be the 7th letter in alphabetic order, the answer is NOT “G”. The precise solution to this question is “H”, which is the seventh letter inside the phrases “the alphabet”.

What is the solution to question 20 on The Impossible Quiz?

The solution to the query continues to be “Seal!”. Answering this query won’t only give you the 2nd Skip, but you may even reach the first Moron Mark of the cell model.

What is the answer to query 25 on The Impossible Quiz?

shoe polish
This question stays exactly the similar in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, however the fourth choice field, “Cillit Bang”, used to be removed and changed by an choice box that stated “Therewolf”, to steer clear of Copyright issues with the emblem title. The resolution remains to be “shoe polish”, although.

What is the solution for the Impossible Quiz 2 Number 10?

The phrases “a penguin?” are still a pickable object, although this time there’s just a time rift underneath; clicking it’s going to take a lifestyles away from you, since the correct solution is “It blows your hand off”, a modified version of the 2nd possibility of the authentic.

What was quantity 24 on the impossible quiz?

This query was once taken instantly from the Impossible Quiz Demo, where it used to be number 24. The resolution is “Torch”, as a result of the query is not regarding “lighter” as in weight, but reasonably to the brightness of the inside the bucket.

Is there a bomb on the impossible Quiz 2?

Question 14 of The Impossible Quiz 2 accommodates no precise question or task on display screen; instead, it simplest contains a purple background with small empty spaces, in addition to 4 little dots of different colours. There is not any bomb on display screen, and there’s nothing on this question that might make you lose a life.

Is the hand clickable on the impossible quiz?

When one hovers over the question number in preparation for clicking it, the cursor (hand) appearing that it is clickable won’t appear. This is the simplest identified clickable solution element in the series that doesn’t display the hand. Community content material is available underneath CC-BY-SA except differently noted.

How many lives do you get on the impossible quiz?

This quiz is mainly a sequence of questions and for every query, you will get four choices, one shall be proper and others will probably be most commonly tough, double that means and puns which you wish to identify. You must suppose out of the field as well as within the field, confusing isn’t it? The player will get 3 lives.