How do you do the gold glitch in Red Dead Redemption?

How do you do the gold glitch in Red Dead Redemption?

So, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate the Sheriff’s office.
  2. Search for the loot box under the desk.
  3. Open the loot box, which will then highlight the gold bar.
  4. Interact with the gold bar and as Arthur reaches down, pause the game.
  5. Go into the Story menu and save the game.
  6. Now, load back using the save you just made.

Does the gold bar glitch still work?

The glitches have been patched, BUT, some gold bars respawn after enough time has passed. Got the gold bar in Limpany early in the game. Once you get bored doing the glitch, just be sure to save and load one last time so the loot will be there if you decide to come back for more later.

Where is the Braithwaite secret?

Located in Braithwaite Manor, Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne, you will find the Braithwaites’ Secret, which is part of the Points of Interest collectibles. To find the Braithwaites’ Secret, make your way to the Eastern side of Braithwaite Manor, where you will find several houses all located near the water.

Should I sell Emerald RDR2?

Although many consider this Emerald to be related to a mission, we believe that it’s safe to sell it, because the only value it has is the one offered at the Fence.

Should I sell gold ingot RDR2?

Once you’ve found a gold bar you’ll need to sell it to a fence. Gold bars sell for $500 each, so it’s a significant sum if you’re looking to upgrade your camp or just want to buy yourself some new weapons or a horse. Some even sell treasure maps – which will lead you to more gold bars – so always see what’s for sale.

How many gold bars can you carry in RDR2?

The only limit to this is how many Gold Bars you can carry. If you’ve got the starting satchel, you’ll be able to pick up 30 — which you can then sell to a Fence for $15,000. If you’ve got the Legend of the East Satchel, you can pick up 99 of them for a profit of nearly $50,000.

Can you lose gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Fortunately, gold bars count as valuables, so you won’t lose them. As such, save them unless you absolutely need the money until that certain thing occurs at the very end of the game when you know it is okay to sell them off.