How do you say goodnight in Romanian?

How do you say goodnight in Romanian?

noapte bună. noa is pronounced noo-ah.

How do you say I don’t discuss Romanian?

Nu înțeleg româna. “I do not talk Romanian.” (3 sec) Nu vorbesc româna.

What is your identify Romanian?

Cum te cheamă? (Koom-teh-kyahm-uh): What’s your identify? This expression may well be very helpful when you meet somebody, as Romanians always ask what your title is on the first come across, so you will ceaselessly pay attention it.

How do you say Romania?

The an identical of the word “happy birthday” in Romanian is “la mulţi ani.” However, the literal meanings of the two words are very other, with the Romanian model which means, “may you live for many years!”

How do you pronounce Romanian forex?

The Romanian leu (Romanian pronunciation: [lew], plural lei [lej]; signal: L; ISO 4217 code: RON; numeric code: 946) is the forex of Romania. It is subdivided into 100 bani (Romanian pronunciation: [banʲ], singular: ban [ban]), a phrase that also is used for “money” in the Romanian language.

How do you talk Hello?

Tu is the informal model for ‘you’, while dumneavoastră, the more polite model, is used for elderly people and those you aren’t yet aware of. In the latter, after addressing any individual with dumneavoastră, you will likely be invited to modify to the casual version.

How do you say excellent morning in Moldovan?

Moldovans do no longer say the word “hi” apart from some are starting to respond to the telephone with this phrase. When they pronounce it, it has a silent “h” and the e sounds so much like short a as in “al low”. Alternates to Buna Ziua can depend at the time of day. Good morning is delivered as “buna dimineata” up till about 9 am.

How do you how are you in Russian?

How to say what’s your identify in Hungarian. what is your title? mi a neved?

How do you say hello in Moldova?

Greetings. The first greeting and most frequently used in Moldova is “buna ziua” which means just right day. It’s a elementary hi. Moldovans do now not say the phrase “hello” excluding some are starting to reply to the telephone with this word.