How do you say I hope your weekend went well?

How do you say I hope your weekend went well?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. It’s superb to hear from you. Thank you for your lend a hand. Thank you for the replace.

How do you respond to Bon weekend in French?

If the first particular person says, “I hope you have a good weekend”, you may just reply, “I hope you have a good weekend too / I hope you do too / You too!” If the first particular person says, “Have a pleasing weekend!” the natural reaction would most definitely be, “You too!”

How do you ask for the weekend in French?

In France, two spellings are acceptable: “le week-end” or “le weekend”. Numerous books will tell you the French phrase for it is “la fin de semaine”.

How do you say lengthy weekend in French?

It’s an extended weekend as a result of Labor Day. C’est un lengthy week-end à motive de los angeles Fête du Travail.

What is in a different way to have an ideal weekend?

have a nice weekend > synonyms »pleasant weekend exp. »nice weekend exp. »fun weekend exp. »get towels exp.

What can I say as an alternative of hope it goes well?

“I hope this e-mail reveals you well.” “I hope you’re having an A+ [week, month].” “I hope you’re having a two-coffee (as opposed to a four-coffee) day.”

What is Bonne weekend?

“bon week-end” : just right weekend.

Have an excellent weekend or have a just right weekend?

Have good weekends” is right kind in that he’s wishing each person a good weekend, using the collective noun for all of your weekends. However, colloquially this strikes me as lazy grammar. Expansions can be extra like: Bye, I hope every of you has a just right weekend.

How do you say how was once your weekend?

People steadily say “Thanks” or “Thank you” when they reply to the question “How used to be your weekend?” For instance, they could say, “It used to be great; thank you!” or “It was once implausible; thank you!” Feel unfastened to incorporate “Thanks” or “Thank you” into the chart and your type conversation if you want.

How do you wish somebody a nice weekend in an e-mail?

“Thank you”, “Have a super weekend”, “We respect your industry”, or “Thank you for your time” are suitable and upload a nice touch to the end of the communique. You do no longer should be overly formal, but do now not want to be too informal both.

How do you say enjoy the weekend?

3 Answers. Neither Wishing you a cheerful weekend nor Wish you a cheerful weekend would be utilized in normal conversation. As others have noted, spoken parting platitudes on the end of every week are typically started with have, reminiscent of: Have a good weekend.