How do you skip the Resident Evil 6 intro?

How do you skip the Resident Evil 6 intro?

Resident Evil 6 – Skip Intro Logos

  1. Make sure Resident Evil 6 is put in and not running.
  2. Download and save the Skip Intro zip document.
  3. Extract the folder to expose a “nativePC” folder.
  4. In your Steam Game Library, in finding RESIDENT EVIL 6 / BIOHAZARD 6.
  5. Copy and past the nativePC folder from the zip file and click on Yes when brought on to overwrite.

Does Resident Evil 7 Have New Game Plus?

Resident Evil 7’s New Game Plus essentially changes the sport and makes new playthroughs all the extra enticing.

What do you get for beating Resident Evil 7?

Completing the game in 4 hours or less will get you the Circular Saw, a powerful melee weapon. You also get some Fast Shoes for completing in under 4 hours, which increases Ethan’s pace, making it conceivable to overcome the sport even sooner. You too can get the Fast Shoes through destroying all the Mr.

What is madhouse Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7’s Madhouse difficulty doesn’t just add extra and harder enemies, despite the fact that it has the ones, too. In some ways, it changes the very material of the sport, changing merchandise locations and enemy behavior to throw off no matter knowledge you can have built up taking part in via the game’s more straightforward difficulties.

Where are the old coins in Resident Evil 7?

Antique Coin Locations in Resident Evil 7

  1. Look in the locked drawer in the kitchen.
  2. After going via the crawlspace underneath 1F of the Main House, look for a red lawnmower and get the Antique Coin on best of it.
  3. Head to the higher left part of the map and look in a drawer via a wrecked sofa via the dog head door.

What can I spend old cash on in RE7?

Antique Coins are a collectible with a function. At two issues in the sport (the Trailer secure room in the Yard and the Swamp safe room), they can be exchanged for three pieces: Steroids (Three cash), a Stabilizer (6 coins), and the 44 Magnum pistol (9 coins).