How do you spell 30s in words?

How do you spell 30s in words?

Therefore 30 in words is written as Thirty.

How do you write 30?

30th = thirtieth (It’s her thirtieth birthday.)

How do you spell mid thirties?

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  1. mid-thirties.
  2. thirties.
  3. thirty.
  4. the “thirty” family.

Is it 40’s or forties?

40 (forty) is the number that follows 39 and precedes 41. Though it’s related to the number “four” (4), the modern spelling of 40 is “forty.” The older form, “fourty,” is treated as a misspelling today.

What are the top 10 misspelled words?

List of 10 most commonly misspelled words:

Correct spelling Incorrect spelling
Accommodate Acommodate
Separate Seperate
Necessary neccessary
Cemetery Cemetary

How can I spell numbers?

A simple rule for using numbers in writing is that small numbers ranging from one to ten (or one to nine, depending on the style guide) should generally be spelled out. Larger numbers (i.e., above ten) are written as numerals.

What age is mid30?

He’s in his mid-thirties — meaning he is roughly around the age of 34–36, as opposed to one’s early thirties (aged roughly 30–33) and one’s late thirties (aged roughly around 37–39). He was born in the mid-1930s.

What is the meaning of early twenties?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in your twentiesbe in your twentiesto be aged between 20 and 29early/mid/late twenties She was in her early twenties when I met her.

How do you spell 40 in UK?

Forty is the proper spelling of the number in all English variants despite the fact that four contains a u. Often people will believe that fourty is a British variant like colour but this is also false.

What is the spelling of 19 and 90?

Is it ninety or ninty? Ninety is the written form of the number 90, such that it is one more than 89 and one less than 91. Ninety is the correct spelling. Ninty is a misspelling.

What is the correct spelling for 30th?

30th. Correct spelling, explanation: there are several suffixes used to create ordinal numbers: -st, -nd, -rd and -th. First three of them are reserved respectively to numbers one, two and three (and all numbers which include these at the end, like 51, 62, 93 etc.) and suffix -th is used to any other number. For this reason, the correct ordinal form of number 30 is 30th and not 30rd, since there is no three in the word thirty.

What does 30th mean?

30th – coming next after the twenty-ninth in position. thirtieth. ordinal – being or denoting a numerical order in a series; “ordinal numbers”; “held an ordinal rank of seventh”.

What does the word 30 mean?

30(adj.) one more than twenty-nine; three times ten; denoting a quantity consisting of thirty items or units; — representing the number thirty as an Arabic numeral.