How do you spell the plural of quiz?

How do you spell the plural of quiz?

noun, plural quiz·zes. an off-the-cuff test or exam of a student or elegance. a questioning.

What is the that means Ofquiz?

A quiz is a sort of recreation or thoughts sport in which gamers try to answer questions correctly a few sure or variety of topics. They will also be televised for entertainment functions, frequently in a recreation show structure.

Can we say quizzes?

In conclusion, the plural of ‘quiz’ is ‘quizzes’.

Is Quizs a phrase?

n. 1. a casual check or exam.

Is it Quized or quizzed?

1. To question (any person), particularly carefully or again and again: “His looking out questions as he quizzed me on my paintings made me tongue-tied to start with” (Susan Sellers). 2. To take a look at the wisdom of by way of posing questions: quizzed the magnificence on state capitals.

Is Quix a scrabble phrase?

quix is an appropriate dictionary word for video games like scrabble, words with pals, crossword, and many others. The word ‘quix’ is made up of Four letters.

What do you imply by means of tweezers?

: any of various small steel tools which can be typically held between the thumb and index finger, are used for plucking, maintaining, or manipulating, and consist of two legs joined at one end.

Why is there a double Z in quizzes?

sound shift Is there any special explanation why for writing the double “z”? Doubling the consonant maintains the vowel as a monophthong. This is quite common in English. If there have been this sort of phrase as “quizes”, we might assume that the vowel used to be the diphthong /aı/.

Is Quizs a scrabble?

Yes, quids is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is quizzed a scrabble phrase?

Yes, quizzed is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you say more than one quiz?

So “quizes” would be the plural of “quize” (long I in both phrases), whilst “quizzes” is the plural of “quiz” (brief I in both).

What is the which means of the word quized?

tr.v. quizzed, quiz·zing, quiz·zes 1. To question (any individual), particularly carefully or repeatedly: “His looking questions as he quizzed me on my paintings made me tongue-tied at first” (Susan Sellers). 2.

Which is the best definition of a quiz?

1. an off-the-cuff check or examination. 2. a wondering. 3. a sensible shaggy dog story; hoax. 4. an eccentric person. 5. to examine or test (a scholar or magnificence) informally by way of questions. 6. to query carefully.

Where does the verb quiz come from in English?

In English dialects and most definitely in American English the verb quiz received senses in terms of interrogation and wondering. This possibly befell as a result of quiz used to be related to question, inquisitive, or in all probability the English dialect verb quiset, “to question” (almost certainly itself brief for out of date inquisite, “to research”).