How fast is a 2000 Honda 400ex?

How fast is a 2000 Honda 400ex?

Registered. Well a stock Blaster runs around 55mph, and a inventory 400ex will have to run with reference to 65mph. In a drag the Blaster should keep tempo up until the Honda hits upper gears and must draw back. By your sig your Honda is working inventory gearing, and has a giant bore package.

How many HP is a 400ex?

If you take into accounts it, if a 400ex has about 28 horsepower, and a 300ex has about 17 and also you get a actually quality pipe that provides you with 4-7 horsepower that brings the three hundred to 24 horsepower, then upload a filter out and open the air box lid ,thats anothere 2 horses.

How a lot is a Honda 400ex price?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,399 $5,170
Options (Add)
Total Price $6,399 $5,170

What’s higher 400ex or 450R?

Very other. Both are carbureted, single-overhead-cam, four-valve engines, however the 400X is much less refined and far less highly tuned. The 450R is designed to rev quicker and higher, so its piston and crankshaft are some distance lighter than the 400’s, and its bore is much larger than its stroke.

Why did Honda stop making 400EX?

Honda Discontinuing 400EX and TRX450R models. The 400ex has had transmission issues since the starting, and Honda hasn’t ever even mounted the problem that causes the problem. They don’t care about previous models.

When was once the 400EX made?

Sport quads vanished, ATV producers retreated and the forces of mediocrity and bureaucracy complex, threatening to overrun someone who dared to experience a quad for the natural joy of it. Then, in fashion yr 1999, that entire technology came to a shut with the appearance of one ground-breaking gadget: the Honda TRX400EX.

How fast is a 400EX mph?

It has a 28 horsepower engine and the Honda 400EX has a best speed of 72 MPH.

Is a 400EX a just right race quad?

They are good quads. very reliable and so they deal with actually well. just right throughout quad particularly on the trails.

Which 450 Quad is the quickest?

On the top finish, Honda and Yamaha once more had the very best scores with a 78 mph most sensible speed. The DS450 was a shut third with 77mph. Our 2008 Suzuki and Kawasaki’s tied at 74mph, while the KTM and the Polaris had the slowest top pace at 73mph, consistent with our Garmin GPS.

Is Honda 400ex fast?

It has a 28 horsepower engine and the Honda 400EX has a best velocity of 72 MPH. The motor has twin intake and dual exhaust ports for optimum engine efficiency. The TRX400EX has a five-speed transmission with Reverse to round out it’s arsenal of cross fast.