How has Reverend Hale changed in Act 2?

How has Reverend Hale changed in Act 2?

Hale realizes the evil nature the court has taken. Once he realizes that the ladies are lying and that there never was once any actual evidence of witch craft, he removes himself from the court. He exams Proctor and Elizabeth as a result of at that time he used to be nonetheless an agent of the court docket.

Why does Elizabeth need him to move why does Elizabeth distrust him?


Why does Elizabeth mistrust him? He is afraid that if he finds Abigail to be a fraud, she is going to confess their affair. – Elizabeth is much more upset to discover that Abigail and John had been by myself, and she thinks John is hesitant to tell the courtroom as a result of he desires to give protection to Elizabeth.

How has Reverend Hale changed Act 4?

In Act IV, it is he who counsels the accused witches to lie, to admit their intended sins in order to save their own lives. In his change of heart and subsequent depression, Hale positive factors the audience’s sympathy but not its recognize, since he lacks the moral fiber of Rebecca Nurse or, as it seems, John Proctor.

Why does Elizabeth say he has his goodness now God forbid I take it from him as he is led to the gallows?

Why does Elizabeth say, “He has his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!” as he is ended in the gallows? She is aware of that John Proctor can finally forgive himself and die with dignity and honor.

What does Elizabeth mean through he have his goodness now?

He have his goodness now, God forbid I take it from him. What Elizabeth way is that her husband, John Proctor, has in spite of everything completed redemption, and he or she is not going to take that clear of him by means of asking him to confess to practising witchcraft in order to save his life.

Why does Elizabeth say her husband has his goodness as he’s about to be hanged?

Why does Elizabeth say her husband has “his goodness” as he’s about to be hanged? She believes that he did the appropriate factor to save his family and that he dies with honor.

Why does Betty wail in the crucible?

In Act I of The Crucible, Reverend Parris assembles the congregation for prayer. At the same time that little Betty is upstairs in bed in poor health from unknown reasons. They imagine that she is screaming as a result of she can not stand to hear prayer.