How is 5ft 6 written?


How is 5ft 6 written?

You can also write heights so simple as “5 ft, six inches,” “five foot six,” and so forth. A hyphen may also be useful should you’re writing it truly brief, such as “five-six.” You too can write it out the usage of a quotation mark. For example, 5’6” will still be the proper method to write a peak.

How do you write 5 toes Eight inches?

How do you write Five ft 8 inches? What is the peak 5’7 in inches? Is Five toes 7 inches a excellent height? Is 5 ft 7 inches tall for a woman?…What is the height 5’7 in inches?

feet in inches centimeters
5’6” 66in 167.74cm
5’7” 67in 170.18cm
5’8” 68in 172.72cm
5’9” 69in 175.26cm

How do you kind inch marks?

Only use inch marks for measurements.

  1. Mac: Hit Option-[ for left quote or Option-Shift-[ for right quote.
  2. PC: Alt 0147 for left quote or Alt 0148 for proper quote. (Hold Alt as you type the quantity on keypad, then release Alt)
  3. HTML Code: (see observe under) For left quote use “ or “

How do you label ft?

Foot and inch marks —sometimes called minute and 2nd marks or high and double high marks, depending on what they’re labeling—aren’t curly. Use directly quotes for those marks.

What is the correct way to write 5’5′-5 ft Five inches?

What is the right kind solution to write 5’5” – Five ft 5 in? For no. 2, in. is the abbreviation for inch. You could write either 5’5″, or 5 ft. Five in. I desire 5 feet 5 inches, but I hear 5 foot five inches more than likely greater than I listen toes, in common usage.

How tall is Five foot 5 in centimeters?

Use the calculator and charts to find the height of a five foot 5 guy or girl: A fivefive particular person is 165.1 centimeters: A peak of fivefootfive is equivalent to 65 inches

How to write peak the correct manner in feet and inches?

Chicago Manual Style recommends writers to spell a top out so there will be no ambiguity. For example, if you want to write that any individual is 5 foot six inches tall, then you’ll be able to just write it precisely like that. If the height is used as an adjective, chances are you’ll add hyphens between the words. For example:

How large is 5’5 in meters and inches?

How giant is 5’5 in different gadgets? cm: in: m: mm: 5feet5 and 1 / 4 inch in cm: 165.735 cms: Five foot Five and a half inch in cm: 166.37 centimeters: 5ft5 and 3 quarters of an inch in cm: 167.005 centimeters: 5foot5 in meters: 1.65735 meters