How long would it take to drive 120 km?

How long would it take to drive 120 km?

120 km/h mens that you shuttle 120 kilometers in one hour (Speed = how a lot distance you go back and forth over a time period). So in 1 hour, i.e. 60 minutes you can commute 120 kilometers.

How long is a 100km drive?

time= Three 1/3 hrs to commute 100km, 1/3 of an hour is 20 minutes.

What is 120 km an hour in miles?

Kilometer Per Hour to Mile Per Hour Conversion Table

Kilometers Per Hour Miles Per Hour
105 km/h 65.24 mph
110 km/h 68.35 mph
115 km/h 71.46 mph
120 km/h 74.56 mph

How long does it take to drive 500km at 85km h?

Time taken to cover 450 km = 1/50 × 450 hour. = Five hours. Therefore, time taken to cover 450 km is 9 hours.

How speedy is 120 mph in km?

Convert 120 Mile Per Hour to Kilometers/Hour

120 Mile Per Hour (mph) 193.112 Kilometers/Hour (km/h)
1 mph = 1.609269 km/h 1 km/h = 0.621400 mph

How much is 100km in hours?

A kilometer has 1,000 meters, and an hour has 3,Six hundred seconds, so 100 kilometers in line with hour is: One hundred x 1,000 / 3,600 = 27.777…

How many mins does it take to drive 10km?

Six hundred mins are required for 10km distance to duvet it.

What is the rate of a automotive after traveling at 350 km distance in 7 hours?

Answer: The velocity of vehicle is 50km/hr or 50kph.

What is the speed of 60 km in Five hours?

60 km × Five hours = 300 km.

How a lot is 100 km in step with hour in miles?

Answer: 100 km/h is equal to 62.14 mph So, 100 km/h is equal to 62.14 miles according to hour.

Which is faster 1m s or 1 km h?

If we convert 1 m/s to km/h, we get, 1 m/s = 3.6 km/h. Now, it is easy to compare 1 km/h and three.6 km/h, which displays that 3.6 km/h is a sooner pace. Hence, 1 m/s is quicker than 1 km/h.

How fast is a 100km in mph?

62.14 mph
Answer: 100 km/h is equivalent to 62.14 mph So, 100 km/h is equal to 62.14 miles in keeping with hour.

How many km is a 1 hour drive?

60 km
Speed = distance (60 km) / time (1 hour) = 60km/h.