How many ounces is a 1/6 keg?

How many ounces is a 1/6 keg?

Keg Sizes, Dimensions and Servings

Keg Size Ounces 12 ounces. Servings
1/6 bbl 661 55
20 Liter 676 56
1/Four bbl 992 83
30 Liter 1,014 85

What is a 1/6 keg referred to as?

sixtel keg
A sixtel keg is 1/6 of a complete keg of beer. Sixtels are often known as sixths due to their measurement. A sixtel keg is similar to a corny (cornelius) keg in dimension, alternatively it’s going to have a commercial taste connection (somewhat than ball/pin lock fittings).

How a lot does a 1/6 keg of beer value?

Typical costs: A keg can value any place from $40-$250, depending at the size of the keg, the kind of the beer and local rates. The smallest size of a keg holds a little greater than Five gallons (about Fifty five 12-oz.cups) and is steadily known as a sixer or a 1/6 keg. It generally costs $40-$80.

How many beers do you get out of a 1/6 keg?

Keg Sizing Information 1/6 barrel (20 Ltr) = 5.2 gallons = forty one pints = 55 12oz bottles (Sixtel)

What is a 6 barrel keg?

The sixth-barrel keg is the thinnest keg of the entire usual sizes and totals to five.16 U.S. gallons (19.53 liters) in volume. Like the quarter-barrel, sixth-barrel kegs are continuously used for small-batch or restricted edition brews or for taprooms that wish to conserve horizontal area.

How much does a half keg weigh?


a hundred and sixty pounds
The complete keg weight of a half barrel keg is one hundred sixty pounds, and its empty keg weight is 30 kilos.

What is the smallest keg you’ll be able to buy?

Mini Keg
Mini Keg. Typically designed for mini kegerators, on the other hand, mini kegs will also be suitable with larger kegerators. This is the smallest kegerator dimension often to be had and this keg contains Five liters or 169.07 ounces.

How a lot does a 7.75 gallon keg weigh?

It is also referred to as a quarter-barrel because of the fact that it is 7.seventy five gallons. That’s half the scale of a complete keg. A complete pony keg weighs approximately 87 kilos (39 kg) and can provide round 82 twelve-ounce cups of beer.

How much does a pony keg serve?

Keg sizes

Size of Keg Number of 12-Ounce Servings Number of 8-Ounce Servings
Sixth barrel “mini” keg (5.16 gallons) 55 82
Quarter barrel/Pony keg (7.seventy five gallons) 82 124
Half barrel (15.5 gallons) 165 248