How many square meters is the Earth?

How many square meters is the Earth?

148,940,000,000,000.00000000000000000000 square meters
The Earth has a land space of 148,940,000,000,000.00000000000000000000 square meters. Only an estimated one-eighth of this space — or 18,618,000,000,000 square meters — is inhabitable by means of people, with uninhabitable terrain reminiscent of deserts and high mountains overlaying the relaxation.

How a lot land does Earth have?

Earth’s general planimetric (flat) land house is approximately 148,939,063.133 km2 (57,505,693.767 sq mi) which is about 29.2% of its overall floor, together with that which is covered by means of ice.

How many meters is the solar?

149,597,870,700 meters
The International Astronomical Union voted in August 2012 to switch the definition of the astronomical unit to a simple previous number: 149,597,870,700 meters.

Who owns the most land in the world?

1. Roman Catholic Church: 70 million hectares. The biggest landowner in the international is now not a significant oil magnate or an actual property investor. No, it’s the Roman Catholic Church.

How lengthy can a human stay in house?

Astronauts need area fits to stick alive. You may only final 15 seconds with no spacesuit — you’d die of asphyxiation otherwise you’ll freeze. If there’s any air left in your lungs, they will rupture.

How many square miles large is the Earth?

The total surface space of Earth is about 197 million square miles (510 million square km). About seventy one p.c is coated through water and 29 p.c by means of land.

What makes up 70 p.c of the earth’s surface house?

Area of Earth’s Land Surface. The earth observed from area looks as if a blue coloured planet with consistent transferring swirls of clouds of earth’s everchanging weather. The earth is mostly blue as a result of its massive surface area of oceans. The floor space of the our bodies takes up 70 % of earth’s total surface area whilst the land handiest takes up 30 p.c.

How a lot of the Earth is coated by way of water?

And since 70% of the Earth’s floor is coated by water, that works out to 361 million km² (139.Four million mi²). Earth’s continents, on the other hand, cover the remaining 149 million km² (57.Five or million mi²).

How large is the Earth from the equator to the Poles?

The circumference of Earth at the equator is about 24,874 miles (40,030 km), but from pole-to-pole — the meridional circumference — Earth is only 24,860 miles (40,008 km) around. This form, brought about by way of the flattening at the poles, is called an oblate spheroid.