How much does a freight team associate Make at Home Depot?

How much does a freight team associate Make at Home Depot?

Average The Home Depot Freight Team Associate hourly pay within the United States is roughly $13.53, which is 7% above the nationwide average.

How much does a freight employee Make at Home Depot?

Average The Home Depot Freight Handler hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.73, which is 13% below the nationwide reasonable. Salary knowledge comes from Sixteen knowledge points accumulated at once from workers, users, and past and provide job ads on Indeed in the past 36 months.

What does Home Depot overnight freight pay?

The typical The Home Depot Overnight Freight Associate wage is $13 in step with hour. Overnight Freight Associate salaries at The Home Depot can range from $11 – $17 in keeping with hour.

What does a freight team associate Do at Home Depot?

Freight associates are an very important a part of our store. They be sure that aisles are stocked and in a position for customers by unloading trucks the use of conveyors, manual pallet jacks, forklifts, and many others., and then placing the product on the cabinets and in storage overhead till needed.

How much does a freight supervisor Make at Home Depot?

The typical The Home Depot Freight Supervisor wage is $18 per hour. Freight Supervisor salaries at The Home Depot can vary from $15 – $22 consistent with hour.

How long is training for Home Depot?

The training program for The Home Depot cashiers is ready 2-3 days of shadowing then being shadowed by a extra skilled worker then every month there are online methods that take possibly 5-10 min that you just do throughout your shift.

What does a freight handler Do at Home Depot?

Associates in Freight/Receiving positions be certain the store is stocked and ready for trade every day. They load and sell off trucks, transfer subject matter from the receiving house during the store, may perform forklifts and would possibly carry out essential functions for maintaining proper on-hands and pricing for our customers.

What does a lot attendant Do at Home Depot?

Lot Associates help customers with the loading in their cars and in addition track and take care of the entrance of the store. Lot Associates are also accountable for keeping up a sufficient quantity of carts near the entrance of the shop. This place interacts with Home Depot buddies and consumers.

What is a freight receiving?

Is Freight Team Associate exhausting?

The paintings wasn’t arduous however the loss of management makes it arduous. People whinge too much and those who do work don’t seem to be preferred. I was let go after 4 months of being hired as a result of them being overstaffed.

How much do Supervisors Make at Home Depot in California?

How much does a Department Supervisor make at The Home Depot in California? Average The Home Depot Department Supervisor every year pay in California is roughly $30,213, which is 31% under the nationwide moderate.