How much does osmium weigh per pound?

How much does osmium weigh per pound?

conversion result for osmium:
From Symbol Result
1 pound lb 453.59

What is the amount of 1 ton of osmium?

One ton (lengthy) of osmium converted to cubic meter equals to 0.045 m3.

How much does a brick of osmium weigh?

76Os Osmium Osmium is densest of all parts; a brick-sized block would weigh about fifty six pounds. Osmium is used to create extraordinarily arduous alloys.

How many lbs is 1 cubic feet?

The pounds amount 150.23 lb converts into 1 cu ft – ft3, one cubic foot. It is the EQUAL concrete quantity price of 1 cubic foot however in the kilos mass unit selection. How to transform 2 cubic ft (cu toes – ft3) of concrete into kilos (lb)?

How heavy is a teaspoon of osmium?

At the modest temperatures and pressures of Earth’s floor, the densest identified material is the metallic component osmium, which packs 22 grams into 1 cubic centimetre, or greater than 100 grams into a teaspoonful.

How many kilos is two liters of osmium?

Equals: 49.eighty pounds (lb) in osmium mass.

Is osmium heavier than tungsten?

Answer 1: Osmium is the most dense steel! Some other heavy metals come with tungsten and gold (19.Three kg/L), that are virtually as dense as osmium.

How heavy is a cubic foot of dirt?

Regarding this, “How much does dirt weigh?”, on average a cubic foot of dirt blended of best soil can weigh eighty pounds or 0.04 quick lots, usually it can be range between 74 – one hundred ten pounds per cubic foot, dry loose grime can weight around seventy six lbs per cubic foot and while moist unfastened dust can weigh around seventy eight lbs per cubic …

Is osmium the heaviest part recognized to guy?

Osmium is the world’s heaviest material and is two times the density of lead, but it’s infrequently utilized in its pure form due to its extremely toxic and unstable nature. Instead, osmium is utilized in alloys to make instrument pivots, phonograph needles, and electrical contacts.

What is the heaviest part hanium or osmium?

Osmium is the heaviest element of all (22.61g per cubic centimetre). It used to be discovered via the British chemist Smithson Tennant in 1803. He named it after the Greek phrase for smell as it smelt dangerous. Osmium is two times as heavy as lead – so heavy that a cubic foot (0.028317 cubic meters) weighs 640 Kg- as much as ten reasonable folks.

How dangerous is solid osmium?

Although cast osmium is unaffected by way of air at room temperature, the powder will give off osmium tetroxide , a powerful oxidizer, highly toxic, with a feature smell (therefore the steel’s name).

How dear is osmium?

Osmium Price. Pure osmium most often prices between $12,000 and $14,000 per kilogram ($three hundred and $500 per troy ounce). Osmium-187 is a dearer and helpful isotope, costing somewhere between $15,0000 and $25,0000.