How much is a 1792 quarter?

How much is a 1792 quarter?


Country United States
Value 25 Cents = 1/4 Dollar (0.25 USD)
Currency Dollar (1785-date)
Composition Copper
Shape Round

What is a 1792 silver greenback value?

The 1792 silver part disme used to be the primary coin formally struck by way of the United States Mint. An estimated 1,500 coins have been struck and roughly two hundred survive lately. The two greatest specimens, one graded MS67 and one graded SP67 by means of PCGS, are price $1 million or extra.

How much is a 1792 2001 Kentucky quarter value? has estimated the 2001 D Kentucky State Quarter value at a mean of 25 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) may well be worth $2.

How much is a 1790 quarter worth?

How much is my 1790 quarter value within the year 2018? – Quora. There used to be no U.S. quarter licensed until 1792 and none minted till 1796 so that you do not have an original early U.S. quarter coin. You could have one of the statehood quarters and if such is the case, it is price $0.25.

How much is America’s first silver dollar value?

Just one copper piece was struck to check the dies of America’s first silver dollar, and these days that piece is estimated to be worth over $20 million. 1,758 silver greenbacks had been struck from the 1794 dies, however with reference to one hundred thirty live to tell the tale, which makes them extraordinarily treasured as well.

What is the oldest US silver buck?

Flowing Hair dollar
The first U.S. Mint construction began operations in Philadelphia in 1793, and the primary silver greenback appeared the next 12 months – the Flowing Hair greenback of 1794-95. According to the authentic mint document, simply 1,758 greenbacks have been struck the primary yr.

What was the first greenback coin?

Flowing Hair Dollar
The Flowing Hair Dollar used to be the primary professional buck coin minted in the United States under the Coinage Act of 1792. It was intended to equal the Spanish Dollar in size and weight.