How much money did Jaws make when it was released?

How much money did Jaws make when it was released?


Release Date Title Worldwide Box Office
Jun 16, 1978 Jaws 2 $208,900,376
Jun 20, 1975 Jaws $470,700,000
Averages $184,393,473
Totals 5 $737,573,891

How much is the Jaws franchise value?

‘Jaws’: $798,405,075 Profits for the “Jaws” franchise totaled $798.4 million, no longer together with the 1980 re-issue of “Jaws 2.” The first “Jaws” grossed $470.6 million, “Jaws 2” brought in $187.Eight million, “Jaws 3-D” earned $87.Nine million and “Jaws IV: The Revenge” made just $51.Eight million.

How much did Robert Shaw get paid for Jaws?

According to IMDB, Shaw earned about $500,000 for his function in Jaws, then again, all that money was given off to the government to repay his tax debts. He additionally attempted to evade it by way of fleeing away to Canada, but he won no good luck.

What was the first film to hit one hundred million?

“Spider-Man” turns into first film to best $100 million in opening weekend – HISTORY.

How much money did jaws make in 1975?

472 million USD
Jaws/Box administrative center

Which Jaws movie grossed probably the most money?

Jaws was the prototypical summer blockbuster, regarded as a watershed moment in motion image history, and it gained several awards for its music and modifying. It was the highest-grossing movie till the discharge of Star Wars in 1977….Jaws (movie)

Budget $9 million
Box place of job $472 million

Which saw movie grossed probably the most money?

Saw III placed first via grossing $33.6 million its opening weekend, making it the largest Halloween debut ever and on the time, Lionsgate’s highest-opening weekend. It is the highest-grossing movie within the sequence international.

How many Jaws motion pictures did they make?

How Many Jaws Movies Are There? To date, there are four Jaws films out of which 3 are based on the tale of The Amity Island and the Brody family, whilst Jaws 3-D units at Orlando theme park.

How much money did the original Spider Man Make?

With a field office gross of over $821.7 million worldwide, it was the third highest-grossing movie of 2002, the highest-grossing superhero movie and the sixth highest-grossing movie total on the time of its free up.

How much did jaws make at the box administrative center?

The success of Jaws led to 3 sequels, and the 4 movies in combination have earned just about $800 million international in field workplace gross.

What was the finances of Jaws?

Directed via Steven Spielberg with a budget of $12,000,000, and starring Roy Scheider , Robert Shaw , Richard Dreyfuss , Lorraine Gary , and Murray Hamilton , “Jaws” was released in 1975.

How many Jaws motion pictures had been made?

The collection of movies in Jaws are 4 in total

What are the Jaws films?

Jaws is an American herbal horror movie sequence that began with a 1975 film that expanded into three sequels, a theme park ride, and other tie-in merchandise, in accordance with a 1974 novel.