How to Pick a Stock: Basic Best Practices for New Investors

You have decided to invest. A low PE ratio is more beneficial than one with high levels. A company with a large cash reserve is more likely than one with a high debt load. Analysts should not be taken as gospel.

You are now ready to make stock selections

Wait! There are thousands upon thousands of stocks. You have to choose which stocks to buy. Experts say it’s impossible to go through every balance sheet and find companies that are profitable. However, institutional investors tend to not trust blue-chip stocks that may offer high returns.

How to Select a Stock

Smart stock-pickers share three things:

  • They know exactly what they want and are determined to make it happen.
  • They stay up to date with all the latest trends, news and important events that impact the economy and each company in it.
  • These knowledge and goals are used to guide stock-buying and selling decisions.

Set Your Goals

Identifying the purpose of your investments is the first step to making smart investment decisions. Investors might be more interested in generating income in retirement or preserving their wealth.

Every goal requires a unique strategy.

A thoughtful investor will explain every stock purchase decision.

There’s three types of investors

Income-oriented investors focus on holding stocks in dividend paying companies and buying them (and maintaining them) regularly. bonds, real-estate investment trusts and REITs (real-estate investment trusts) are also available.

Wealth preservation investors are less likely to take on risk because of their personal circumstances.

Capital appreciation refers to investors who are looking for stocks of companies during their early growth years. Investors will take bigger risks to achieve big gains.

Diversified Portfolio

Combining strategies is possible for these investors.

Choosing the right category is the hardest part.

Keep your eyes open

Keep up-to-date on market news and opinions Passive research can be based on a blog article or news article. Investment thesis

Common sense observations can underlie the argument. This could be because emerging market countries produce new middle classes that are more interested in certain products and commodities.

Stock Picks – The Story Behind the Stock Pick

An investor could take the argument further and conclude there will be more demand for a product.

The basic analysis of a stock is what makes it worth buying.

You should question your assumptions.

Now that you have done qualitative research, it is time to read corporate press releases and investor presentations.

Search for Companies

Next, identify companies. This is done in three simple steps:

  1. Search for ETFs which track the performance of the industry you’re interested in and then look for the “Industry X ETF”. A list of the top holdings for each fund will be available on the ETF’s official website
  2. Use a Screener to filter stocks according to specific criteria like industry and sector.
  3. Get commentary and news about companies in the investment field you are interested. Take the time to read both sides.

These are just three ways to choose a company. Investors need to consider the clear benefits and drawbacks of each strategy.

It can be difficult to find experts opinions through news sources. You might also be able identify smaller companies that aren’t listed in ETF holdings or on screens.

Tune into Corporate Presentations

Once you’ve decided the industry is worth your investment and have a good understanding of all the major players in the market, you can start to look at investor presentations.

These reports can also provide forward-looking information on the industry and the direction that the company is headed. Browse company presentations and websites to refine your search.

This is a more thorough examination of a company in order to determine if it could surpass its peers within the industry.

Next Step

A list of ten companies may be compiled from one prospect.

It’s possible to decide that this industry is not right for you. Your research might have saved you from making a bad investment.

Knowing when to say no is crucial to picking stocks.

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