Is Molina a popular last name?

Is Molina a popular last name?

The Molina circle of relatives name was present in america, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Molina households were present in the USA in 1920. In 1840 there used to be 1 Molina circle of relatives dwelling in Louisiana. This was 100% of all of the recorded Molina’s in the United States.

When did having a last name start?

Family names got here into use within the later Middle Ages (beginning roughly within the eleventh century); the process used to be completed by way of the top of the sixteenth century.

Is Molina a Filipino name?

Molina is a Spanish occupational surname. Molina is latin for ‘mill’ and is derived from another latin word, mola (‘millstone’).

What does Malina imply?

The name Malina is a girl’s name of Greek origin which means “raspberry”. Malina is a synthetic-feeling name that may be a feminization of the Scottish Malcolm or a spelling twist on the Greek Melina and that still has a fruit that means in different Eastern European languages.

Is Molina a Mexican last name?

Molina is a Spanish occupational surname. Molina is latin for ‘mill’ and is derived from any other latin word, mola (‘millstone’). The surname originated from the early Middle Ages, relating to a person who operates a mill or a millstone.

What does the name Molina come from?

Melanie is a feminine given name derived from the Greek μελανία (melania), “blackness” and that from μέλας (melas), that means “dark”. Borne in its Latin form via two saints, Melania the Elder and her granddaughter Melania the Younger, the name was once introduced to England through the Normans in its French shape Melanie.

What does the name mileena mean?

The name Mileena is a lady’s name meaning “love, warmth, grace”. Related to Milena, a popular name in Italy and Eastern Europe.

Who are the individuals of the Molina circle of relatives?

Prominent amongst family members had been 13th century Castilian landowners Jimeno de Molina and Pedro Molinero; Alonso de Molina (c. 1513-1579), a Franciscan priest and grammarian, who wrote a well known dictionary of the Nahuatl language printed…

What are the spelling variations of the name Molina?

Spelling diversifications of this circle of relatives name include: Molina, Molino, Molinar, Molinero, Molinera, Moliner, Molinas, Molinos, Molinedas, Molinillo and many extra.

How many immigration data are there for the last name Molina?

There are 37,000 immigration records to be had for the last name Molina. Passenger lists are your price ticket to knowing when your ancestors arrived in the United States, and how they made the journey – from the send name to ports of arrival and departure.

Where used to be Mario Molina born and the place was once he born?

CFC use for other functions simplest increased. Scientists, activists, politicians, and CFC-producing corporations would argue for years over the merit of Molina’s theories. Molina used to be born in Mexico City, where his father was a successful legal professional and a diplomat.