Is sicker a word or is it more sick?

Is sicker a word or is it more sick?

Yes, “sicker,” meaning “more sick,” is a completely appropriate word in English.

Is there such a word as sickest?

1. with in poor health well being or disease; sick.

What is the comparative of sick?

Comparative. sicker. Superlative. sickest. The comparative form of sick; more sick.

Is it Iller or more in poor health?

The comparative worse and superlative worst are the standard forms. The paperwork iller and illest are also used in American English, but are not up to a quarter as common as “more” and “maximum” bureaucracy. The forms iller, illest are somewhat not unusual in the slang sense “chic”.

What is a comparative of cold?

Adjective. chilly (comparative less warm, superlative coldest) (of a thing) Having a low temperature.

What is superlative of grimy?

grimy (comparative dirtier, superlative dirtiest) Unclean ; lined with or containing unpleasant substances comparable to filth or grime .

What Does warmer mean?

Filters. Comparative form of hot: more scorching. adjective. 4.

What is the superlative of unpolluted?

Usually if an adjective has just one syllable, we upload ‘er’ to make the comparative form. We upload ‘est’ to make the superlative shape. clean → cleaner / cleanest.

What is the comparative level for hot?


What is the superlative of rich?

The superlative form of the word is formed through including ‘-est’ to the original word. Therefore, the comparative and superlative degrees of the word ‘wealthy’ are ‘richer’ and ‘richest’ respectively. Therefore, the right kind resolution is choice C) richer / richest.

What is comparative of poor?

poorest. The comparative form of deficient; more deficient.

What is the superlative degree of peaceful?

Two-syllable adjectives.

Two-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form
peaceful more peaceful maximum non violent
delightful more delightful maximum delightful
careful more cautious maximum careful
considerate more thoughtful maximum thoughtful

What is the superlative of dead?

Adjective. dead (comparative deader, superlative deadest)

What is the superlative degree of robust?

maximum powerful If somebody (or one thing) is powerful, they’ve much energy.

Is having O sure blood excellent?

In primary traumas with massive blood loss, many hospitals transfuse O certain blood, even if the affected person’s blood kind is unknown. The chance of response is a lot lower in ongoing blood loss situations and O positive is more to be had than O unfavorable. Type O sure blood is crucial in trauma care.

Can blood sort O drink alcohol?

BLOOD GROUP O Following a nutrition which is mind on spices, wealthy in antioxidants and probiotics is beneficial. The diet must include quite a lot of fruits, greens, milk and milk merchandise and proteins like rooster, eggs and fish. Must avoid: Excessive caffeine and chocolate. Alcohol consumption should also be have shyed away from.

Which is the dominant blood kind?

ABO Blood Type The A and B genes are dominant and the O gene is recessive. For example, if an O gene is paired with an A gene, the blood type might be A.