Is TheSlap com a real website?

Is TheSlap com a real website?

Let’s get to 25,000! is the display’s fictional social media website that had its personal domain at the real internet and stood for reasonably a few years. Here you need to view exclusive content material and a laugh bonuses from the show, marketed during the credit scene of each and every episode.

Why was once cat from victorious loopy?

Cat Valentine: Cat is so aloof as a result of she is struggling thru emotional, sexual, and potentially physical abuse from her brother (who has been referred to within the show as “loopy,”) She is on anti-depressants which make her so perky, and her brothers abuse has led to her to revert again to a childlike state to lend a hand cope …

Does Tori and Beck date?

In Tori Goes Platinum, it is instructed that Beck has been harboring romantic emotions for Tori, and they virtually kissed. After Victorious, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia starred within the 2017 movie The Outcasts as love pursuits. Bori has many unswerving fans and shippers.

Does Tori and Andre kiss?

Tori Goes Platinum André and Robbie each kiss Tori on the cheek at the same time when she tells them that it is ok to visit the Platinum Music Awards’ practice session to see Jade rehearse.

Who does Tori like in victorious?

The Loop (TV)

Tori Vega
Friends: André Harris (best buddy) Cat Valentine (easiest friend) Beck Oliver Robbie Shapiro Sinjin Van Cleef Jade West Erwin Sikowitz
Relationships: Daniel (ex-boyfriend) Ryder Daniels (ex-boyfriend) Steven Carson (ex-boyfriend)
Pet(s): None

Did Ariana Grande ever date Matt Bennett?

Everyone simplest dreamed that Ariana and her co-star, Matt Bennett, AKA Robbie from Victorious would hook up. Although there was no affirmation in regards to the courting, they did get up, shut and private right through Ari’s One Last Time video.

Is Ariana Grande engaged once more?

Again. On December 20, 2020, Ariana Grande posted a collection of sweet pictures on Instagram, appearing off her new diamond engagement ring that was proposed to her by means of her spouse, Dalton Gomez. Ariana used to be additionally engaged to her previous spouse, Pete Davidson. ……

Who Is Ariana engaged to 2021?

Dalton Gomez