Is you and your family correct grammar?

Is you and your family correct grammar?

Which is correct, “you and your family IS,” or “you and your family ARE”? Ask The Editor | Learner’s Dictionary. You must use are because “you and your family” is a plural matter. When the subject of a sentence has two parts joined through “and” it makes the subject plural, so you must use a plural verb.

Which is correct family’s or households?

When we discuss with a space that belongs to a family, we say “family’s house”. Pluralizing family gives us “households”. Referring to the houses of a number of families, we say “families’ properties”. Forming the plural possessive in this kind of case is somewhat easy.

How do I make a phrase possessive?

The common rule is that the possessive of a unique noun is formed via including an apostrophe and s, whether or not the singular noun results in s or no longer. The possessive of a plural noun is shaped via including most effective an apostrophe when the noun results in s, and by means of including both an apostrophe and s when it results in a letter rather than s.

How do you write a possessive sentence?

Singular phrases, whether they end in s, are made possessive by adding an apostrophe + s. For plural words, we generally point out ownership simply by including the apostrophe without an additional s. However, for a plural that doesn’t result in an s (e.g., micro organism), we’d add an apostrophe + s.

How do you use family?

Families Is Plural When two or extra families get together, now we have rather a lot–or plural. If all those families together personal one thing, we just upload an apostrophe. For instance: The Smith households’ dogs.

Are Family Words List?

Family Vocabulary Word List

  • adoption. adoptive father. adoptive mother. ancestor. aunt.
  • bachelor. delivery mom. blood relative. bride.
  • care-giver. kid. childhood. youngsters.
  • dad. daddy. daughter. daughter-in-law.
  • eligible. engaged. engagement. estranged.
  • trustworthy. family. family tree. father.
  • family tree. grampa. gramps. grandchild.
  • half-brother. half-sister. heir. heiress.

How do you use households in a sentence?

He instructed her their households had a free industry affiliation. It used to be true sufficient, they have been both Mafia. confirm Large families had been a regular function of agricultural communities in our country’s early historical past.