Was Harold Reid married more than once?

Was Harold Reid married more than once?

Harold was married to Brenda Reid. Together they are oldsters in their three children namely; Kim Reid, Will Reid, and Karmen Reid.

Is Harold and Don Reid comparable?

Despite the name, simplest two participants of the group (Don and Harold Reid) were precise brothers and no member has the surname of Statler.

Who is Langdon Reid’s father?

Don Reid

Who is Langdon Reid’s mom?

Obituaries. Gloria Elaine Fairchild Reid, 70, of 1419 Dogwood Road, Staunton, Virginia, permanently modified her deal with on May 7, 2016. Her declining health were transferring her closer to this move for a while. Gloria was born in Cross Keys, Virginia on February 8, 1946 to Langdon Connell and Fleta Reedy Fairchild.

Why did Jimmy Fortune depart the Statler Brothers?

1. The Statlers’ lineup additionally included Lew DeWitt on tenor vocals and Philip Balsley making a song baritone. Mr. DeWitt, who died in 1990, left the quartet in 1983 on account of persistent health issues and was replaced by Jimmy Fortune.

Did Jimmy Fortune sing with the Statler Brothers?

Jimmy Fortune toured, sang and performed with the legendary Statler Brothers for 21 years. He joined them first as a brief substitute for Lew DeWitt, after DeWitt heard him singing at a ski hotel and beneficial him.

Who does Jimmy Fortune sing with now?

The Statler Brothers

Are any of the Statler Brothers dead?

Harold Reid, the bass singer in the long-running nation vocal quartet the Statler Brothers, died Friday evening at age 80. A put up on the team’s website online said that Reid “had bravely persisted a long combat with kidney failure.” The team had retired in 2002 after being together in more than a few configurations since 1955.

Has Jimmy Fortune been divorced?

Jimmy Fortune Got Divorced Twice Although he manages a 22-year-long married lifestyles right now, the singer/songwriter was once rendered hopeless about relating to his non-public lifestyles once you have divorced twice.

How a lot is Harold Reid value?

Harold Reid has reported a web value of $1.6 million as of 2020. He had earned via his a hit occupation as a musician in the box of the song business.

Who is Don Reid married to?

Debbie Reid

What killed Harold Reid?


Who is Jimmy fortunes wife?

Nina Fortune

How many number one hits did the Statler Brothers have?

The Statler Brothers discography
Compilation albums 5
Music videos 10
Singles 69
No.1 Single 4

What are the names of the Statler Brothers?

In the early 1960s, the gang coalesced across the abilities of four Virginians: Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Lew DeWitt, and Harold’s brother, Don Reid. Harold Reid, DeWitt, Balsley, and Joe McDorman had worked in a Staunton, Virginia high school group referred to as the Four Star Quartet, making their first appearance in 1955.

Who was the piano player for the Statler Brothers?

Lew DeWitt
Birth title Lewis Calvin DeWitt Jr.
Born March 12, 1938 Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.
Died August 15, 1990 (elderly 52) Waynesboro, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Country

Who wrote plant life on the wall?

Lew Dewitt

Where is Lew Dewitt buried?

Augusta Memorial Park, Fishersville, VA