What are 5 words that describe Rosa Parks?

What are 5 words that describe Rosa Parks?

Awards and Accomplishments. I might describe Rosa Parks as a courageous, sturdy, proud believing devoted dependable being concerned these adjectives describe Rosa parks as a result of her actions which made the arena think of her as a just right particular person.

What is Rosa Parks identified for?

Called “the mum of the civil rights motion,” Rosa Parks invigorated the fight for racial equality when she refused to surrender her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama. Parks’ arrest on December 1, 1955 launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott via 17,000 black voters.

Why is Rosa Parks a hero?

Rosa Parks is considered a hero as a result of she stood up for equality for African Americans. Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat. As a consequence, she was once arrested. Her arrest resulted in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

What are some characteristics of Rosa Parks?

She has all of the qualities and characteristics of a hero. Rosa was altruistic, worrying, and willing to get up for what was once proper, even supposing many of us opposed her. I chose her because she could be very inspirational and I love her courage and her willingness to persevere despite all of the discouragement she faced.

What did Rosa Parks say?

Okay, despite the fact that not the primary person to mention, “Nah!” When advised to present her seat to a white guy, Rosa Parks was essentially the most well-known.

What are some words that describe Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks is Loyal,Resistant,Fearless,Brave,Strong,couragous,Empowering Enduring,daring,believing,encouraging,loving,worrying,helpful,non violent,inspirational,defensive proud,decent How long did Rosa parks move to university?

Why did Rosa Parks no longer go to the back of the bus?

Rosa Parks used to be a brave girl. She was once decided to not have to visit the back of the bus.

Why used to be Rosa Parks vital within the Nineteen Sixties?

Rosa Parks was one of the inspirational women in the united states in the Nineteen Sixties. Rosa Parks used to be very inspiring, now not only on account of the bus boycott in 1955, however as a result of her many speeches against racism and the Jim Crow Laws in 1966 and 1967. Firstly Rosa Parks gave many speeches that impressed thousands of folks.

What used to be Rosa Parks Act of civil disobedience?

One act of civil disobedience was when Rosa Parks defied segregation laws via refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white guy in Montgomery, Alabama Rosa Parks, Causes and Consequences in her decision to change Black Civil Rights. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was once a black African American lady who was once a civil rights activist.