What are the 9 types of seducers?

What are the 9 types of seducers?

Greene says there are nine types of seducers:

  • The Siren. As a girl, you can portray the final fable for a man: an uninhibited, promiscuous, natural symbol of excitement.
  • The Rake.
  • The Ideal Lover.
  • The Dandy.
  • The Natural.
  • The Coquette.
  • The Charmer.
  • The Charismatic.

What is a siren seducer?

THE SIREN The first and most historic seducer of all is the Siren. She represents male delusion. She is supremely confident, highly sexual, smells of danger, and is bodily simple. Her largest power is the bodily.

What type of seducer used to be Cleopatra?

The last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra embodied decadence, cunning and unique beauty. Historians say Cleopatra staged more than a few bureaucracy of debauchery. Not an ideal plan for the ’90s. But we will be able to for sure be told from the Egyptian queen’s seductive internal adorning: rich silk materials, incense and heat baths of aromatic water.

Who was once the highest seducer?

The Top Seducers of All Time

  • Giacomo Casanova. The Venetian adventurer made his personal name a synonym of seduction.
  • Cleopatra. You critically concept we were going to just speak about men?
  • Serge Gainsbourg.
  • Jack Nicholson.
  • Steve McQueen.
  • John Casablancas.
  • Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy.
  • Hugh Hefner.

What are the different types of seducers?

The 9 types of seducers

  • The Siren. The siren is the one who represents journey and change.
  • The Rake. The Rake is a male seducer who catches the feminine fancy by means of often pursuing her.
  • The Ideal Lover.
  • The Dandy.
  • The Natural.
  • The Coquette.
  • The Charmer.
  • The Charismatic.

What does artwork of seduction teach you?

The Ardent Rake teaches us a easy lesson: intense need has a distracting energy on a woman, simply as the Siren’s bodily presence does on a man. The key is to show no hesitation, to desert all restraint, to let yourself go, to show that you cannot keep watch over yourself and are basically weak.


How do I exploit artwork of seduction?

24 Rules Used In The Dark Art Of Seduction

  1. Choose the proper sufferer. Sue Hixson/Flickr.
  2. Create a false sense of safety — approach indirectly.
  3. Send mixed indicators.
  4. Appear to be an object of desire — create triangles.
  5. Create a need — stir anxiety and discontent.
  6. Master the art of insinuation.
  7. Enter their spirit.
  8. Create temptation.

What sort of seducer was Marilyn Monroe?

The siren is the first type of seducer. In historical past, we will be able to see her personified in figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra. The siren is sexual, she is not afraid of presenting an exaggerated female look via the means she clothes and the make-up she wears.

What does the phrase seducers imply?

noun. a person who entices, allures, or seduces, esp one who entices another to engage in sexual intercourse.

What does the art of seduction educate you?

What are examples of seduction?

When you trap any individual to go out on a date with you and to have intercourse with you, that is an instance of seduce. When easy cash tempts you to do something unsuitable, that is an example of a state of affairs where the promise of easy cash seduced you. To attract or lead (anyone) clear of correct behavior or thinking.