What Are the Tinkerbell fairies names?

What Are the Tinkerbell fairies names?

At these Pixie Hollow locations, guests have the opportunity to meet and greet Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Terence and Vidia, and her twin sister Periwinkle, from the franchise, as well as dine with them.

What’s the pirate fairy’s name?


Why does Tinkerbell leave Pixie Hollow?

From what i can see, a great tragedy befell Pixie Hollow, and Tink lost all her friends, but comforted by Peter (which made her fall in love), and the Pixie Hollow tree became a tree for Lost Boys. so maybe: Tink did something terrible and affected all her friends, so she was kicked out of Pixie Hollow.

What kind of fairy is fawn?

talented animal fairy

What is the name of Tinkerbell’s sister?


What is Tinkerbell a fairy or pixie?

In the picture and the official Disney Character Archives, she is referred to as a pixie. There is a myth that the original animated version of Tinker Bell was modelled after Marilyn Monroe. However, Disney animator Marc Davis’s reference was actress Margaret Kerry.

How did she break her wings?

Peri’s friends explain that frost keeps the warm air inside like a blanket and they return to the pixie dust tree to cover it in frost. The Pixie Dust Tree is safe, and all the fairies celebrate. However, Tink reveals that she broke a wing when she flew to the woods earlier.

Who is the voice of the keeper in Tinkerbell?

Cast (in credits order)

Mae Whitman Tinker Bell (voice)
Pamela Adlon Vidia (voice)
Angela Bartys Fawn (voice)
Matt Lanter Sled (voice)
Debby Ryan Spike (voice)

Does Tinkerbell have a twin?

Periwinkle is a Frost-talent fairy who lives in the Winter Woods. She makes her first appearance in Secret of the Wings. She is Tinker Bell’s twin sister, as they were born of the same laugh.

What kind of fairy is periwinkle?

Frost Fairy

What is Tinkerbell’s zodiac sign?


What Disney villain is a Pisces?

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20): Judge Frollo, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Pisces love to care for those more vulnerable than they are, like Judge Frollo, who adopts and raises Quasimodo as his own. However, a villainous Pisces, like Judge Frollo, secretly harbors resentment and plays the victim at every turn.

What zodiac sign is Princess Jasmine?


Which Disney character is a Scorpio?

Elsa is a Disney princess and eventual queen in the movie Frozen and has a similar personality to the Scorpio personality. Elsa has had to keep her powers a secret for her entire life, especially from her sister Anna, because she’s afraid that she will hurt someone with her powers so she hides them away.

What Disney character is Leo?

10 Disney Characters Who Represent Leo Traits

  • 3 Gaston.
  • 4 Lottie.
  • 5 Dame Gothel.
  • 6 Sarabi.
  • 7 The Beast.
  • 8 Buzz Lightyear.
  • 9 Flynn Rider. In Tangled, Flynn Rider is another character who embraces several features of a Leo.
  • 10 The Evil Queen. Lion people love to be under the spotlight, and their appearance is extremely important to them.

What Disney character is a Pisces?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Pisces, let’s face it: you’re Ariel. You’re a real fish out of water.

What is Elsa zodiac sign?


Is Alice a Pisces?

Alice is pretty much the patron saint of the Pisces zodiac. Because Pisceans are known for their overactive imaginations and are constantly daydreaming of far-off places, we think young Alice is the perfect Pisces candidate.

Which Disney princess is a Aquarius?

Princess Tiana

What cartoon characters are Pisces?

Winnie-the-Pooh is the ultimate example of the classic Pisces personality. Like Pisces, his loving and forgiving nature is beyond compare, and he is very shy — with an inherent tendency to trust anyone and everyone that comes his way.

Is Belle a Pisces?

Pisces: Belle Belle, a typical Pisces, has sass and spunk, but stays cool and collected in stressful situations.