What awaits me meaning?

What awaits me meaning?

The definition of anticipate is you expect or in a position for one thing. An instance of look forward to is while you know a bus is arriving soon.

What does the word awaits imply?

to be ready

What is a better word for waiting?

What is another word for waiting?

hesitation prolong
lingering loitering
dallying tarrying
slowness postponement
deferment slackness

How do you utilize awaited?

Awaited sentence instance

  1. Her father awaited her in the foyer.
  2. A town car with darkened windows awaited them.
  3. She looked again at what awaited them after which up at Brady.
  4. With painful dejection he awaited the tip of this motion, wherein he appeared himself as a player and which he was unable to arrest.

Is most awaited right kind?

“maximum awaited” sounds a little formal and unusual. “Most awaited” would possibly neatly follow when a secretary to a university president were writing to a lecturer coming to speak- “To confirm your engagement to chat on April 25, I write to say your lecture is most awaited.”

Is being awaited meaning?

to watch for or be waiting for something: He’s anxiously awaiting his check effects. A marvellous reception awaited me on my first day at work. The lengthy/eagerly awaited sequel is now available on-line.

What is the meaning of a lot awaited?

The word “much-awaited” is used to consult with something that has been desired for a long time, on this case, the signing of the contract in query. A identical word is “long-awaited.”

What is lengthy awaited?

A protracted-awaited match or factor is person who somebody has been looking forward to for a very long time. the long-awaited signing of a peace settlement.

What is the meaning of jot down?

his license quantity

Is jot a real phrase?

noun. the least a part of something; just a little bit: I don’t care a jot.

What is a jot in writing?

When you jot something, you write it briefly. It’s most commonplace to make use of the verb jot with down: “Hang on, let me jot down the appointment time.” It’s a just right word to make use of whilst you’re writing a temporary be aware, a phone quantity, or a listing — especially while you’re doing it in a hurry.

What is a salary notch?