What cartoon character said which way did they go?

What cartoon character said which way did they go?

Some background for this one: Tex Avery answered the immortal question: “Which way did he go, George?” for the primary time in “Of Fox and Hounds” (1940).

Which way did Elmer Fudd go?

Which way did he go? Elmer Fudd : [Carries fishing tools] I guess you think I’m going fishing. No. Bewieve it or no longer, I’m looking a definite wascawwy wabbit.

What did Foghorn Leghorn say?

“What’s all of it about boy, elucidate!” “You’re way off, I say you’re way off this time son!” “Pay attention, boy, I’m cuttin’ however you ain’t bleedin’!”

Where did duh George come from?

“Duh, George.” Lewis Milestone’s 1939 film Of Mice and Men is one of the maximum gut-wrenching motion pictures you’re going to ever see.

What did the first Elmer Fudd seem like?

Egghead to start with was depicted as having a bulbous nose, funny/eccentric clothes, a voice like Joe Penner (supplied both through radio mimic Danny Webb or actor Cliff Nazarro) and an egg-shaped head. Many cartoon historians imagine that Egghead developed into Elmer over a length of a couple of years.

Which way can we go George?

Invariably, George the Fox tells Willoughby that the fox is at the other aspect of a rail fence, which is in truth on the edge of a steep cliff. Willoughby’s line, “Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?” way back was a catchphrase, as did “Thanks so much, George, thanks so much!”

Are the Cwaziest other folks?

Lew Lehr (May 14, 1895 – March 6, 1950) used to be a comedian, creator and editor identified for his humorous contributions to Fox Movietone News, his radio appearances and his widespread catchphrase, “Monkeys is the cwaziest peoples.”

How many lumps do you want about three or 4?

Bugs Bunny : Okay, we’ll have espresso. Eh, how many lumps do you want? Pete Puma : Oh, three or 4.

Who did the voice of Pete Puma?

Stan FrebergThe Looney Tunes Show
John KassirThe Looney Tunes ShowStephen StantonLooney Tunes Cartoons
Pete Puma/Voiced by way of
Pete Puma is a cartoon puma, voiced via Stan Freberg. He debuted within the November 15, 1952 Rabbit’s Kin, a Merrie Melodies animated brief directed via Robert McKimson, from a tale through Tedd Pierce. Animation was by means of Charles McKimson, Herman Cohen, Rod Scribner, and Phil De Lara.

What does Elmer Fudd at all times say?

Elmer J. Fudd is a fictional cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Elmer’s signature catchphrase is, “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m looking wabbits”, in addition to his trademark laughter.