What country is 15 degrees south 47 degrees west?

What country is 15 degrees south 47 degrees west?

Around the world

Co-ordinates Country, territory or ocean Notes
15°0′S 47°13′E Madagascar
15°0′S 50°20′E Indian Ocean
15°0′S 124°54′E Australia Western Australia – Passing during the Coronation Islands, Prince Frederick Harbour and Cambridge Gulf Northern Territory
15°0′S 135°31′E Indian Ocean Gulf of Carpentaria

What country is located at 15 South and 45 West?

If you take a look at a map with latitude and longitude included at the map you find that the point 15 degrees south and 45 degrees west is located in Brazil. Brazil is a country located in South America, subsequently, this point falls inside of South America.

Which island lies on the intersection of 15 stage S latitude and Forty five level E longitude?

The depth of the seabed underneath Null Island is around 4,940 metres (16,210 feet).

What ocean lies at 15 S One hundred fifty W?

Southern Ocean
The 150th meridian west paperwork a great circle with the 30th meridian east….From Pole to Pole.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
60°0′S 150°0′W Southern Ocean
76°32′S 150°0′W Antarctica Border between Ross Dependency, claimed by way of New Zealand, and unclaimed territory

What ocean lies at 15 south and 150 West?

The Pacific Ocean is a body of salt water extending from the (*47*) area within the south to the Arctic within the north and lying between the continents of Asia and Australia at the west and North America and South America at the east.

In which country is Five S One hundred fifty W?

The continent in addition to the flag state of Australia is situated on the co-ordinates that had been said by means of the OP within the question. Specifically, the location is found in Queensland, slightly just about the border with the Northern Territory.

Which town lies closest to twenty degrees south?

B. Washington, D.C. Which town lies closest to twenty degrees south of the equator? What is the nearest parallel to Beijing, China?