What did papa show the soldiers to prove that Ellen was his daughter?

What did papa show the soldiers to prove that Ellen was his daughter?

What did Papa do to prove that Ellen was his daughter? In the story, it says he briefly searched via the photograph album’s pages, discovered what he was looking for, and tore out three separate pages and stated, “You will see each of my daughters, each and every with her name written on the photograph.”

How does Papa plan to disguise Ellen?

How does Papa plan to conceal Ellen? Papa plans for Ellen to be Lise, Annemarie’s older and lifeless sister. Annemarie tells Ellen that Lise died in a automobile coincidence.

What does Papa do in Number the Stars?

He treats young Annemarie’s questions as severely as he’d deal with anybody else’s; he gives everybody equal time, consideration, and seriousness; he values the truth; he is unswerving and faithful. And bonus: he’s passed down his ethical device to his daughters.

How did the soldier try to trick them?

Because they wanted to see if the little lady knew who died or if this was some way to trick them. He slapped her after which spit on the ground and instructed her why would they want to see a useless particular person.

Why did Annemarie rip Ellen’s necklace off?

She has taken a step away from the passive role of a child. Though Annemarie isn’t herself Jewish, she has turn out to be considering serving to Ellen, which places her in danger. By pulling the necklace off her buddy she is taking issues into her own fingers, actually and figuratively, and imprinting herself with her excellent paintings.

What came about to Mrs Johansen on her long ago from Uncle Henrik’s boat?

What came about to Mrs. Johansen on her way back from Uncle Henrik’s boat? Mrs. Johansen tripped and fell over the root of a tree breaking her ankle as she returned from Uncle Henrik’s boat.

Will Annemarie and Ellen see every other again?

Annemarie never sees Ellen once more throughout the course of the tale. However, she very a lot hopes that the Rosen family will go back safely and has Ellen’s necklace clasp fastened in anticipation of her buddy’s homecoming.

Who died in Number the Stars?

Peter Nielsen has died. He was shot in a public sq. for his involvement in the Resistance. Annemarie’s oldsters tell her that Lise was a member of the Resistance, too, and that she did no longer die in an coincidence, however was killed by means of the Germans.

Who does Peter work for in Number the Stars?

Peter Neilsen Part of the Resistance motion, he was engaged to Lise Johansen, the oldest of the Johansen’s 3 daughters, sooner than she died. He visits the Johansen family infrequently, bringing them information and items.

What options of Ellen made the German soldiers suspicious?

What makes the German soldiers suspicious of Ellen’s identity? Ellen has darkish hair, whilst the other girls have blonde hair. You just studied Eleven phrases!

What caused the German soldier to seize Ellen’s hair?

The German soldiers are suspicious of Ellen as a result of her darkish, curly hair. Mr. Johansen shows them an image of his daughter, Lise, when she was young. She knows the soldiers don’t need to get unwell.

Why did Mrs Johansen want to take the women to her brothers through herself?

Johansen need to take the women to her brother’s by way of herself? It would look suspicious in the event that they left the condominium in combination. Why would Annemarie and her mother act nervous when Kirsti spoke to the soldier on the educate? They were afraid she would give them away.

What did Ellen promise to Annemarie?

she would come again
What promise did Ellen make to Annemarie? Ellen promised Annemarie that she would come back. Explain the following thoughts of Annemarie, “It was harder for the ones who have been ready, Annemarie knew. Less dangerous, perhaps, however more concern.”

What did the circle of relatives decide to do about Ellen to stay her secure?

After supper Ellen and Annemarie cross up to mattress in Mrs. Johansen’s youth room. Ellen asks Annemarie what she did along with her Star of David necklace. Annemarie says she concealed it moderately and can keep it for Ellen until she can put on it again safely.

Why does it make sense that Peter is in the resistance?

His participation in the Resistance is what defines him. Peter can be seen as the prototypical younger rise up, regardless that he’s quiet and composed. One can sense his willingness to go beyond the call of responsibility. He is decided to assist the Jews and defy the Nazis at all prices.