Mon Mar 2023

What does A2A mean in Quora?

A2A in Quora stands for "Ask to Answer." It is a feature on Quora that allows users to invite others to answer a question.

When a user comes across a question on Quora that they are interested in but do not feel qualified to answer, they can use the A2A feature to invite someone else to answer the question. This is useful for situations where the user may not have enough knowledge or expertise to provide a thorough answer but knows someone who does.

To use the A2A feature, a user can click on the "Ask to Answer" button located under the question on Quora. They can then search for the user they wish to invite to answer the question, and send them an invitation to answer. The invited user will receive a notification and can choose to accept or decline the invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, the invited user can provide an answer to the question. The answer will be attributed to the invited user, but the person who asked the question will still receive credit for asking the question.

The A2A feature is a helpful tool for Quora users to get more diverse and knowledgeable answers to their questions. It encourages collaboration and allows users to tap into the expertise of others in the Quora community. It is important to note that the feature should be used responsibly, and invitations should only be sent to users who are qualified to provide a useful and informative answer to the question.

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