What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush LOTF?

What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush LOTF?

What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush? Seeing the parachute man. What does Ralph recall listening to from Simon and seeing in the sky?

What does Jack instruct Roger do with a stick?

Jack has instructed Roger to sharpen a stick at both ends. Since we’ve already witnessed the pig’s head stick on a similar stick, we know that Jack plans the same destiny for Ralph.

What does Jack’s staff take into consideration Simon’s demise *?

What does Jack’s group take into consideration Simon’s death? They are full of overwhelming grief and disappointment. They suppose it used to be an accident. They suppose it was once vital because the beast used to be inhabiting him.

Why do Roger and Robert think Jack is the perfect chief?

I consider Olvia that roger and robert describe jack as the very best chief as a result of they do suppose a super chief is anyone robust and forceful. Ialso agree with her ultimate point of a just right leader shouldnt be a forceful one and that existence was better sooner than jack started his personal tribe.

What is Robert’s job in the book Lotf?

What is Robert’s task? he’s the gate defender for jacks side What weapon does Jack’s tribe have to offer protection to the entrance of the Castle Rock? a log jammed beneath a rock that will also be released What does Robert tell Roger that Jack is going to do? he’s going to take them looking and he’s going to overcome Wilfred What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush?

How is Jack Good at getting people to join his aspect?

He is always right, never makes mistakes (all of this in Jack’s opinion after all) and is somewhat excellent at getting other folks to sign up for his side. He shows this ultimate function when he will get all of the boys (excluding Ralph, Piggy, Sam n Eric, and a few littluns) to sign up for him and his new tribe.

What occurs while Piggy, Ralph and Samneric sleep within the shelter?

What happens while Piggy, Ralph, and Samneric sleep in the refuge? Jack and his hunters come and try to scare them, then they get right into a battle and Jack steals Piggy’s glasses and runs off What does Jack scouse borrow? Piggy’s glasses