What does Capnia mean?

What does Capnia mean?

Hypocapnia: Less than the traditional level of carbon dioxide in the blood. Hypoapnia is the other of hypercapnia. The starting place of the suffix “-capnia” is curious. It comes from the Greek “kapnos” referring to carbon dioxide which is a foremost a part of smoke.

What does crypto mean in clinical phrases?

Cryptosporidiosis: An intestinal infection characterized by diarrhea led to by way of a microscopic parasite, Cryptosporidium parvum. Both the illness and the parasite are popularly known as “Crypto.” The illness is often known as cryptosporidium enteritis.

What does the prefix Myo mean in biology?

The prefix myo- or my- method muscle. It is utilized in numerous clinical phrases in reference to muscular tissues or muscle-related disease.

What is my O in clinical time period?

Myo- is a combining form used like a prefix that means “muscle.” It is incessantly used in clinical terms, especially in anatomy.

What are fundamental medical terminology?

Most scientific phrases consist of three basic elements: the foundation word (the bottom of the time period), prefixes (in front of the root phrase), and suffixes (at the end of the basis phrase). When combined, you’ll define a specific scientific term

What does Mening o mean?

mening/o, meningi/o. meninges (membrane protecting brain and spinal wire)

What does Narc O mean in medical terms?

narc/o. numbness; stupor; sleep

What is no in clinical phrases?

no abnormality detected. no obvious distress. (and plenty of variations of the above)

What does neutro mean?

, neutr- Combining forms meaning neutral. [L. neutralis, fr.

What is considered a top neutrophil proportion?

Normal grownup ranges of neutrophils are about 1,500 to eight,000 or 1.Five to eight.0 neutrophils consistent with microliters (mcL) High levels of neutrophils are more than 8000 neutrophils per mcL or 8.0 mcL

What does chromo mean in scientific phrases?

, chromato-, chromo- [Gr. chrōma, stem chrōmat-, colour] Prefixes meaning color, pigment. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners.

What is the medical term for endoscopy?

Endoscopy: Examination of the interior of the body by means of using a lighted, flexible tool known as an endoscope. In basic, an endoscope is introduced into the body via a herbal opening such because the mouth or anus

What does Scopic mean in clinical phrases?

Suffix which means viewing, staring; an software for viewing but prolonged to incorporate other strategies of exam (e.g., stethoscope).

What does Scopic mean?

(Entry 1 of two) 1 : visible a scopic method of illustrating a scientific principle. 2 : having a wide scope : complete a scopic matter as the speculation of photography— L. E. Varden.

What does the scientific abbreviation PRN mean?

pro re nata

What does plasty mean?

Medical Definition of plasty : a surgical procedure for the restore, restoration, or alternative (as by means of a prosthesis) of part of the frame quadriceps plasty total knee plasty.