What does it mean to chase down a hoodoo?

What does it mean to chase down a hoodoo?

“Chasing down a hoodoo.” Hoodoo is a magical, mystical, religious, non-defined apparition, like a ghost or a shadow, now not essentially evil, however indubitably other-worldly.

Why does John Fogerty music concerning the Bayou?

Fogerty says the music was once inspired by way of gospel track and popular motion pictures. He explained in Bad Moon Rising: The Unofficial History of Creedence Clearwater Revivial, “‘Born on the Bayou’ used to be… about a mythical youth and a heat-filled time, the Fourth of July. I put it within the swamp where, after all, I had never lived.

Who sings living at the Bayou?

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Born On The Bayou (Live)/Artists

Who wrote down at the Bayou?

John Fogerty
Born at the Bayou/Lyricists

What does Thibodaux Fontaineaux mean?

I assume that Thibodaux and Fontaineaux (or one thing alike) are, in all probability, very common family names within the Bayou, so the that means of the tune is that all the folks is within the place this is humming.

What secret is born on the bayou in?

E main
Born at the Bayou/Keys

Where did the phrase bayou come from?

Bayou is a French version of the word “bayuk.” Bayuk is a Choctaw word for “small circulation.”

What is the that means of the track born at the Bayou?

Songwriter John Fogerty set the music in the South, in spite of neither having lived nor extensively traveled there. He commented: “Born on the Bayou” was once vaguely like “Porterville,” about a legendary adolescence and a heat-filled time, the Fourth of July.

Who sang the music born on the Bayou?

John Fogerty . “Born at the Bayou” (1969) is the first monitor on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 2nd album, Bayou Country , launched in 1969.

What does born at the Bayou mean?

“Born on the Bayou” used to be vaguely like ” Porterville ,” about a mythical childhood and a heat-filled time, the Fourth of July. I put it in the swamp the place, in fact, I had by no means lived. It was once late as I was writing. I was attempting to be a natural creator, no guitar in hand, visualizing and taking a look at the bare partitions of my condominium.