What does it mean when you say you are my rock?

What does it mean when you say you are my rock?

Origin of You’re My Rock People think of rocks as strong, solid, and unchanging. To call a person a rock means the same thing. That person is someone you can always rely on to help and support you. This expression likely is adapted from a similar one in the Bible.

What is another word for rock?

What is another word for rock?

stone boulder
pebble cobblestone
goolie gravel
mass rubble
slab scree

What does kick works mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a noisy quarrel : row.

What does kicked it mean?

slang. to relax somewhere, usually with other people, not doing anything in particular: Most weekends I’ll just kick it with my friends.

What does it mean when a guy says lets kick it?

“Kick it” is a slang phrase which can refer to just about any activity that constitutes a way of spending time. Mostly it means “hang around, hang out, go out, spend time with friends…” Sometimes it just means “do it,” which is equally as non-specific. 783 views. View upvotes.

What does coitus mean?

: physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements : sexual intercourse sense 1 — compare orgasm.

What does kick it up mean?

To disturb or loosen something.

What is the meaning of kicked out?

transitive verb. : to dismiss or eject forcefully or summarily.

What does it mean to kick it with a girl?

to engage in coitus. She said she wanted to kick it with him! See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

How do you use kick in?

kick in

  1. phrasal verb. If something kicks in, it begins to take effect. As discounts kicked in, bookings for immediate travel rose by 15%. [ VERB PARTICLE]
  2. phrasal verb. If someone kicks in a particular amount of money, they provide that amount of money to help pay for something. [US]
  3. See also kick down.

How do you spell kicking?

Correct spelling for the English word “kicking” is [kˈɪkɪŋ], [kˈɪkɪŋ], [k_ˈɪ_k_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for KICKING

  1. locking,
  2. backing,
  3. docking,
  4. Cocking,
  5. joking,
  6. Kidding,
  7. cooking,
  8. Clicking,

What kind of word is kick?

verb (used without object) to make a rapid, forceful thrust with the foot or feet: He kicked at the ball.

Is kicking the same as hitting?

As nouns the difference between hit and kick is that hit is a blow; a punch; a striking against; the collision of one body against another; the stroke that touches anything while kick is a hit or strike with the leg or foot or knee.

Is kicking a form of hitting?

Yes, hit is a general description, kick is usually done with the foot.

What is the word for a substance that kills germs?

Word forms: (regular plural) germicides. (Pharmaceutical: Drugs) A germicide is any substance that kills germs or other microorganisms. Ozone is a powerful germicide – the gas kills the germs almost immediately. A substance is called a germicide if it kills germs as well as other microorganisms.

What is the word into?

1 —used as a function word to indicate entry, introduction, insertion, superposition, or inclusion came into the houseenter into an alliance. 2 : in the direction of looking into the sun. 3 : to a position of contact with : against ran into a wall.

What does Alive and Kicking mean?

: healthy and active She ran a marathon late in life, just to prove she was still alive and kicking. —often used figuratively After years of slow earnings, the industry is now alive and kicking.

Is alive and kicking an idiom?

Also, alive and well. Alive and alert; living and healthy. For example, John’s completely recovered; he’s alive and kicking, or You’re quite mistaken; our lawyer is alive and well.