What does Merked mean in slang?

What does Merked mean in slang?

WHAT YOU’RE SAYING: “Merked” has a number of definitions — it will possibly mean anything else from being drunk, high, tackled, knocked out and even supposing you simply had nice intercourse. And yes, them be fightin’ words. USED IN EVERYDAY LIFE: “I passed out this weekend at the bar, I were given merked.” or “Did you spot the Raptors get merked ultimate night?

What does it mean to be Murked?

Urban Dictionary: murked. murked. comes from “merc ” (pronounced “murk “) short for mercenary . To be killed, murdered, or otherwise mercilessly and overwhelmingly defeated or put down. (smartly performed and with out fight, the best way a pro mercenary would do it.)

What does Merking mean?

Filters. A mermaid king; the king of the merfolk. noun.

What does Merc stand for?


Acronym Definition
Merc Middle East Regulatory Conference
Merc Mercer Engineering Research Center
Merc Medical Effectiveness Research Center (University of California, San Francisco)
Merc Mandatory Employment Related Costs (Canada)

Is Merk a phrase?

merk n. Obsolete spelling of mark. Alternative spelling of murk (“to homicide”).

Is Merck a word?

A regional time period for cocaine.

Why is Deadpool referred to as Merc with a mouth?

Deadpool is a fictional personality showing in American comedian books published by means of Marvel Comics. The character is referred to as the “Merc with a Mouth” on account of his tendency to talk and joke continuously, together with breaking the fourth wall for funny impact and operating gags.

What does MURC mean?


Acronym Definition
MURC Measurable Undesirable Respiratory Contaminant
MURC Management Utilization Resource Committee (NASA)
MURC Manpower Utilization Review Committee
MURC Mitsubishi UFJ (United Financial of Japan) Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. (est. 1985)

Is Merc a word?

(slang) A mercenary. (slang) A Mercedes automotive. His dad’s well rich: he’s were given a Merc and two BMWs.