What does MTR mean in slang?

What does MTR mean in slang?

Technology, IT and so forth (19) MTR — matter.

What is the meaning of the Czech phrase?

adjective. Czech approach belonging or in the case of the Czech Republic, or to its other folks, language, or culture. 2. countable noun. A Czech is an individual who comes from the Czech Republic.

How do you assert goodnight in Czech?

Most Czech folks will say “Dobrou noc” thats mean “Good night” by means of english. Conversationally additionally say “Dobrou”.

What does Abréviation mean?

an abbreviation consisting of the primary letters of every phrase in the name of something, pronounced as a word: AIDS is an acronym for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”. Linguistics: terminology & vocabulary. alphabetic.

What does MTR mean on Tiktok?

WTV is brief for no matter, and it is used in texting and chat to suggest not worrying, being bored, or just being uninspired. Related words: wtvtf.

What does Dupa mean in Czech?

Noun. dupa f (diminutive dupka, augmentative dupsko) (vulgar) ass, arse. (vulgar) sexually attractive girl.

What does Bavina mean in English?

Bavina, Girl/Female approach: Adventurous; Confident.

How do you say no in Czechoslovakia?

Ne (neh) = No.

What is full meaning of its?

belonging to it
Its is a possessive type of the pronoun it, that means belonging to it. It’s is a contraction of the phrases it is or it has.

What is MDR slang for in French?

MDR (mort de rire) – LOL (snigger out loud.

What is a dupa?

DUPA manner “Ass” So now you realize – DUPA approach “Ass” – don’t thank us. YW! What does DUPA mean? DUPA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is defined above the place the DUPA definition is given.

What is a dupa Yash?

Dupa Jaś way actually Ass Johnny, which is a term used to explain a clumsy and not extremely smart individual.

What does Denisa mean?

The name Denisa is of English origin. The that means of Denisa is “follower of Dionysius (god of wine)”. Denisa is typically used as a girl’s title.

What are some Czech names?

Today, Eliška is the most well liked name amongst girls. Tereza, Adéla, Anna, and Natálie spherical out the highest 5. For men, Honza has in any case been usurped. In the current decade, Jakub is the most well liked male identify, followed by Jan, Tomáš, Adam, and Matyáš.