What does NW mean for call type?

What does NW mean for call type?

nights and weekends

What is call type?

A call type is a category of incoming call, and is used to choose a routing script for a call. For instance, chances are you’ll exchange the call type when a call completes an Information Gathering script and enters a queue.

What is Pvwifi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling in a Nutshell Wi-Fi calling is as you might be expecting – Making a phone call the usage of a Wi-Fi network as an alternative of the traditional method of using your cell supplier’s mobile community.

What does CW mean on my telephone bill?

If the primary is an incoming call, it remains as INCOMING within the bill. If it is outgoing it displays the CITYNAME within the invoice. The second incoming call is also labeled as INCOMING, however there is any other column that shows the letters CW indicating that this call got here in while any other one was once in development.

What is a CW quantity?

Filters. The laptop safety code imprinted on the again of Visa bank cards. The CW is actually the three letters C-V-V, however looks as if “CW” because proportional fonts squash the two V’s together.

Can you see your browser historical past on your phone invoice?

No. Your internet historical past by no means seems in your invoice. However, deleting your historical past in your instrument does now not erase all proof of you having visited a website. Service supplier will still have observe of all the ones sites which you may have visited and those data might not be captured in phone bill.

Can you notice Internet history on router?

There is no direct method to get right of entry to someone’s seek historical past – even though they’re hooked up to your own home router. That stated, you can arrange your router to log a user’s browser history. However, collecting data akin to any person’s browsing history is a violation in their privacy.

How do you know if your phone is being monitored?

Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications or Running Services, and also you could possibly spot suspicious having a look files. Good secret agent methods typically disguise the file names so that they don’t stand out but occasionally they will contain terms like undercover agent, monitor, stealth and so forth.