What does prefix pro mean in the word prologue?

What does prefix pro mean in the word prologue?

and at once from Latin prologus, from Greek prologos “preface to a play, speaker of a prologue,” etymologically “a speech beforehand,” from pro “prior to” (see pro-) + logos “discourse, speech,” from legein “to talk,” from PIE root *leg- (1) “to gather, collect,” with derivatives that means “to talk (to ‘pick words’) …

Does Pro mean now not?

no longer in choose of (an motion or proposal and so on.) in prefer of a proposition, opinion, and many others. in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.

What phrases have pro in them?


  • professionalism.
  • multiprocessing.
  • nonprofessional.
  • professionalize.
  • preprofessional.
  • interprovincial.
  • counterproposal.
  • unpronounceable.

What does it mean to be pro for something?

in favor of a proposition, opinion, and so forth. noun, plural professionals. a proponent of a topic; an individual who upholds the affirmative in a debate. a controversy, consideration, vote, and many others., for one thing.

What does pro desire mean in English?

When you say you’re pro-choice you’re telling other people that you just believe it’s OK for them to have the talent to select abortion as an choice for an unplanned being pregnant — even supposing you wouldn’t choose abortion for your self. People who oppose abortion regularly call themselves pro-life.

Is pro a prefix?

The prefix pro- basically manner “ahead” but too can mean “for.” Some words that the prefix pro- gave upward thrust to are promise, pro, and promote. When you, as an example, make development, you’re stepping “ahead,” whereas in the event you give the pros in an argument, you are talking “for” something by declaring its benefits.

What is the root word for Pro?

This ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PRO this means that FORWARD & FORTH. It is a very simple ROOT-WORD to learn and most convenient to make use of. It opens doorways to a number of things from the PROfessional who is as of late known as a PRO, all the way back to historical days in Rome when the meanest paintings was completed via the lowest elegance citizen referred to as a PROletarian.

What does pro mean in science?

Pro-. pro-. (Science: prefix) Prefix (from each greek and latin) with many meanings together with earlier than, in entrance of, previous, on behalf of, in position of, and the similar as. Used as a word, pro of course method professional and, in medicine, it’s brief for prothrombin.

What is the definition of the suffix Pro?

pro-. 1. a prefix indicating favor for some celebration, machine, idea, and so forth., with out identity with the staff (pro-British; pro-Communist; proslavery), having anti- as its opposite.

What is the definition of professionals?

pro 1 (prō) n. pl. execs 1. An argument or consideration in desire of one thing: weighing the professionals and cons. 2. One who helps a suggestion or takes the affirmative facet in a debate. adv.